Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Its March 31st and April Fools jokes are already in full swing on the internet.

Early today I have read two news headlines that were in fact April’s Fools Jokes. Yeah I have to say that while I’m not much for April fools jokes, these two grow into a lot of talk.

1. Over at From the Marbles – A NASCAR blog, he had a headline that read “Would you change your name to"where Gossage offered Dallas country-music morning show host Terry Dorsey $100k to change his name to for one year and have a tattoo. Later, it was said that Dorsey accepted the offer to change his name for one year. Now TMS has announced that it was all a hoax.

(From the article) "We meant no malice," Gossage told's Terry Blount on Wednesday. "This started when the radio station [KSCS 96.3-FM] asked us if we would play along. We thought it would only be a radio promotion and that would be it. But it kind of caught fire and grew into something we didn't expect."

What a little promotion this was, but you know when something hits the internet and especially on a slow day, the story headline has the possibly to explode into national headlines. And ladies and gentlemen this was no different. This story took off like wildfire and it’s gotten big.

However this leads me to ask, was the headline positive or negative for them? I know that TMS had no idea that this wasn’t going to hit the internet and get so big, but now they know and TMS all I got to say to you is: welcome to the digital age where Twitter, Facebook, Lifestreams, Blogs, Forums and sites play a huge role in life and getting the stories out. People share just about everything like crazy and when we get it, it sometimes goes like wildfire.

Personally I really didn’t notice to much on this headline, especially as I had published an article here on a few weeks ago asking “Does this advertisement really sell tickets for the upcoming NASCAR Cup Series race at Texas Motor Speedway?” where I got interesting comments to say the least.

Now you might be wondering what’s next, well…

2. Over at ProBlogger, a blogging site I read daily and have emailed to my box, has published this April Fools joke that read “ProBlogger Acquired by Google”. Needless to say, this one caught many readers as well off guard as today is March 31st (here in the United States), but its April 1st in Australia where Darren lives and runs ProBlogger. With this one, good one Darren, you even had me going there for a moment.

If I read anymore that are really interesting, I will publish them right on this posting, so until next or until RaceDriven gets acquired by Google, Happy April Fools Day.

Now I’m going back to my flooded basement (two inches of water) and that’s no April Fools joke neither as I live in Massachusetts, first time too.