Sunday, March 7, 2010

Carl Edwards makes a blatant payback move wrecking Brad Keselowski in Kobalt Tools 500 in Atlanta.

What will NASCAR and Brad Keselowski do next?

As Kurt Busch celebrates winning the Kobalt Tools 500 at Atlanta in victory lane, the big story is Carl Edwards with five laps to go or so made an attempt coming off turn 4 to take out Brad Keselowski and missed to only come back one lap later and successfully took out Brad Keselowski on the front straightaway sending Keselowski airborn at 190 mph into the outside catchfence and coming to rest at the top of turn 1 & 2 with a badly bent up racecar that shows a serious hit to the windshield and roof.

FOX had shown video that this could be pay back from last spring in the Aaron’s 499 at Talladega Superspeedway where Carl Edwards was racing Brad Keselowski and Edwards went to block and the yellow line came into effect and Brad had to hold his line and Edwards was set flying into the outside catchfence. However this is a completely different thing from what we have here at Atlant and I’m disappointed in FOX for putting that out there like that. It’s completely different situation FOX, get it straight.

Everyone (FOX included), this situation comes from Carl Edwards saying that Brad Keselowski doesn’t give him any room on-track.

Two cases come to mind, first last season in the Nationwide Series particular last year at Memphis in the Nationwide Series race. But this was more from an incident earlier on in Kobalt Tools 500 when Carl Edwards was racing had for position in turn 1 & 2 when Carl came down looking for room and Brad Keselowski was there, they made slight contact sending Carl up the racetrack into Joey Logano and the outside wall.

Now even though I believe Brad Keselowski when he said he tried to stay off Carl Edwards in the opening laps, I also believe that Brad could have given him just a little bit more room there.

However as far as the pay back goes, I’m sorry but I know that Brad Keselowski does deserve a wakeup call as he does drive a little aggressively in both the Nationwide Series and the Cup Series, but I don’t believe Carl Edwards should have wrecked Brad Keselowski at 190 MPH At Atlanta, this was completely uncalled for.

And while I don’t know what NASCAR is going to do considering there “Boy’s have at it” way of thinking, I do believe that in two weeks at Bristol Motor Speedway, Carl Edwards should watch out, Brad Keselowski might just pay him back.

By the way for Carl Edwards, not cool man, not cool, you should have waited until Bristol to have something to say or do, not Atlanta. What a dangerous game that was, I thought we were veteran drivers here, not a bunch of rookie drivers, you pulled a Denny Hamlin, but was successful.

But this does lead to a question, is Brad Keselowski too aggressive?

The answer is yes in a sense, but I would like to point out two factors.

First when it comes to Denny Hamlin vs. Brad Keselowski, Hamlin deserved what he got from Brad last year in the Nationwide Series. Denny Hamlin comes into the Nationwide Series and drives like he owns the series and wants everyone to get out of his way and of course Brad Keselowski will race you for every position, so you can see where that was going. The same goes for Kyle Busch.

Second however, in the Cup Series, this is the elite series and my advice to Brad Keselowski is, at Bristol, go talk to Mark Martin and Jeff Burton and do what they tell you. Both drivers are highly respected in the garage area and on-track. But as far as the Carl Edwards/Brad Keselowski feud, this one is far from over and while I understand where Carl Edwards is coming from, the pay back at Atlanta was uncalled for at Atlanta, plain and simple.

Bristol should be entertaining, but I wish Bristol was a Saturday Night race instead of a race on Sunday during the day.