Sunday, March 21, 2010

Bullrun 3 One Helluva Ride hits the streets as the season is just heating up.

Five teams have already gone home, Team VW, Team Corvette, Team Viper, Team Mini and Team Mustang are all sent packing.

Welcome ladies and gentlemen to “My Take” on season 3 of Bullrun with everything that has happened so far. In watching the first two seasons of Bullrun, you would have thought that the game would have once again came with a few more tweaks, bigger challenges and be the same as the previous seasons. However season 3 is anything but normal Bullrun style.

In season 3 of Bullrun, the rules are basically the same as season 2 which is a good thing, but with two changes. First there is no Goldberg’s way or the highway, like I said, a good thing. And the second change is… On select stages, the first team to reach the special checkpoint if you will gets an immunity wrench. That team if they’re chosen to be thrown into the challenge, then that team can use the immunity and another team will be selected. A wrench, fitting isn’t it for Bullrun.

However season 3 is more like CBS’s Big Brother in which the slogan is “expect the unexpected” and boy is that so true. The season 3 theme is let’s be aggressive and for some be dirty.

In every season of Bullrun so far, you will end up seeing those teams that you love, those teams that you hate and those that are just going home for whatever reason. In season 1, it was Team Lotus and Team Olds that were the teams to hate. While at least for me, Team Charger and Team Trans-Am were the teams to cheer for. Of course it was Team Trans-am that won.

In season 2, it was Team Avalanche and Team VW that were the teams to hate. While at least for me it was Team Corvette and Shelby (Shelby GT500 Super Snake) were the teas to cheer for. Of course it was Team Shelby who won it.

Now, as for season 3, as I sit here watching the first 5 episodes, right now what a group of people and vehicles, 12 teams, 12 completely different vehicles and the first impressions are unique. It’s Teams Lambo and NSX that really stand out considering they’re the teams hate so far this season. While Teams HEMI Cuda, Hummer and now Team Challenger is the teams to watch and cheer for.

But going more in-depth into each team…

- Team Lambo is the team to beat, but are playing dirty by stealing road signs, creating fake immunity cards and more. Although somebody called the cops on them (but I’m thinking Team Lambo called on themselves, just a thought.) Team Lambo’s strategy is to not win legs, but get immunity wrench and have. But mainly stand out like a sore thumb.

- Team NSX is fast, but is stealing some maps. However they said somebody stole their map, my take is what goes around, comes around, next. In the last episode, they are currently teaming with Team Challenger for navigational help mainly and someone to talk to.

- Team Challenger got off to a slow start, but is coming on strong and is contending against Team Lambo. Team Challenger has won legs and got the immunity wrench, but also thrown into challenges.

- Team HEMI Cuda has won legs as well, but also completed in challenges. They can navigate most of the time, but haven’t been consistent yet. The driver (father) will drive that HEMI Cuda for all its worth.

- Team Hummer (H3) is strong especially in challenges, but need to learn how to navigate.

- Team Lexus is just like last season, two women running hard, but can’t navigate their way from checkpoint to checkpoint. However nonetheless is fun to watch if their car can keep running?

- And Team BMW, I would say I haven’t been able to figure them out, they might be the next team to go home.

What about? Well Team VW, I never got the chance to see as they were first to be eliminated. Unlike last year, Team Corvette never really got up to speed, nor did Team Mini or Team Mustang. However Team Viper was the leader of the pack, but slow in their challenge and sent packing.

After five episodes, season 3 is just heating up.

- The legs are longer, demanding and finding the checkpoints are becoming more difficult, part of Bullrun is navigation period.

I especially loved it when the leg included driving through LA rush hour traffic. Personally I’ve never been off the east coast, so that includes I’ve never been to LA neither, but I know traffic sucks in LA. It’s just a widely popular area.

However the night leg is the real challenge and that’s just part of Bullrun.

But two keys points that are not what Bullrun is about. First had to a team calling the cops on Team Lambo, now nobody knows who called the cops, by Team Lambo was the second thought. I would never involve the cops in a television show, it’s a giant waste of the police officers time and the cities money. Not to mention, it’s illegal to make a false claim. That person better hope we don’t find out who make the call.

And second, stealing maps and roads signs, come on, that’s not Bullrun, that’s just another reality show gone bad. There’s no place in Bullrun for this.

- The Challenges are more dangerous, demanding and exciting them ever, but I wonder what the breaking point is, just asking? Bullrun has thrown explosions, on road, off-road and more at these teams…damn!

The liked the challenge in episode three so far the best. Each team had to navigate a tight course on-road and in the dirty. In the middle, they had to blast through glass, find a briefcase and race off-road and on to the finish line. I was impressed with Team HEMI Cuda and Team Hummer here, they gave it everything. But Team Viper just couldn’t do it especially in a Viper with no traction whatsoever.

But not be outdone, the last challenge with the dirt track, the two mack trucks, a police car and a chase Mustang was especially interesting. And Team HEMI Cuda tank slapping a mack truck, but winning the challenge, that was cool. Not much for damage, but since he has a body shop, he can fix it.

Bullrun is going to really come down to teams winning legs by making the right navigational choices, teams picking the right teams to throw into challenges (Team Lambo would be my first choice) and most importantly, your vehicle being able to raise to the challenge. The first thought was Team Lexus on that one. Now I can’t wait to see what happens next.