Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Speedlinking: Top 10 Best-Selling Cars of 2009, Inside NASCAR, Media Changes, and Netflix.

Over the course of a day or a week, I visit several websites, blogs, forums and other sites to read articles on what is going on in the world recently. Everybody wants to be kept informed on the latest news, information, opinions and beyond and that is where speedlinking comes in.

In today’s edition of speedlinking, I will highlight five articles I have read over the past few days that I would like to share with you, my readers.

1. Top 10 Best-Selling Cars of 2009: For yet another year, the Ford F-Series tops the list of best-selling cars of the year, but in looking at this entire list, I can’t help but notice that trucks and SUVs are still very well represented even in this age of fuel efficient vehicles, what does that tell you?

The list: 1. Ford F-Series, 2. Toyota Camry, 3. Chevrolet Silverado, 4. Toyota Corolla, 5. Honda Accord, 6. Honda Civic, 7. Nissan Altima, 8. Honda CR-V, 9. Ford Fusion, 10. Dodge Ram, 11. Ford Escape, 12. Chevrolet Impala, 13. Chevrolet Malibu, 14. Ford Focus, 15. Toyota RAV4, 16. Toyota Prius, 17. Hyundai Sonata, 18. GMC Sierra, 19. Toyota Tacoma, 20. Chevrolet Cobalt.

Is anybody really surprised about most of these cars being on this list?

2. Inside NASCAR: According to the article, Showtime's new weekly “Inside NASCAR” show will be available via the Internet and mobile phone in addition airing on Showtime, Showtime On Demand and Showtime's website,, which will run for 38 weeks a year on the premium channel.

I’m more surprised that NASCAR is on Showtime period not just considering the shows, but considering it’s a paid channel. Don’t you think NASCAR fans pay for enough. I wonder if a NASCAR channel would be a better option?

3. Surprising Changes Signal NASCAR’s New Media Direction: First I would like to say it’s a sad day and I wish all of the reporters and everyone layoff yesterday the best of luck in finding new work, hoping covering NASCAR. Second, what will the NASCAR media look like in 2010? Is bloggers including the CJMC play a bigger role in covering the sport from the track to Charlotte? Will you watch RaceHub and NASCAR now more after this? How do you get your NASCAR coverage?

4. 28 Days Later: Say Goodbye to the Netflix New Release Rental: “Now should you wish to rent a Warner Bros. flick you’ll have to wait out a 28-day holding period after the film’s initial DVD release date.”

How does this help Netflix? I have Netflix right now and I believe this move is completely uncalled for. It’s a slap in the face to Netflix customers including my family and it affects everybody including NASCAR and Automobile enthusiasts. Let me state this fact, I rent new DVD releases first the week it comes out, than if I want them I will buy them. If I buy it first, why would I rent it later. Give us a break. The only positive thing is that there will be more WB selections in the on-demand to customers to watch.

5. Finally as you possibly read this article ”Woody: Jerry Carroll Deserves Some Credit.” Think about this, does Kentucky Speedway deserve a Cup Series date or not? Will they get one either by SMI moving dates or by NASCAR giving them one? I will answer this question in another article next week.

So what are you thinking about the five articles above, anything stick out to you?