Sunday, January 24, 2010

Davey Allison’s Daytona 500 winning stock car sold for $125,000 at 2010 Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale.

In a cross-series between and my Speed, Entertainment & Blogging Blog, today I’m continuing with my 2010 Barrett-Jackson Car Auction series.

1. Davey Allison’s #28 Texaco Havoline 1992 Ford Thunderbird racecar that won the 1992 Daytona 500, owned and built by Robert Yates Racing. The racecar also won the 1991 Daytona Pole and Spring Talladega race.

2. 1993 Dale Earnhardt Chevrolet Monte Carlo Wheaties race car. According to the sheet on BJ, it’s a #3 Dale Earnhardt Sr. original Wheaties race car. One of 2, the only other Wheaties car is located in RCR museum in North Carolina. The race car was built as a Chevy Lumina, but changed over to a Monte Carlo and later changed from black paint scheme to the Wheaties colors to promote the upcoming Winston Select in Charlotte. This Wheaties car sold for $100,000.

What would you do with them? I think they’re perfect to display out in a heated garage type office. You can look at it every day and enjoy it. But I will say that I was surprised that the Davey Allison stock car above didn’t go for more considering he won the Daytona 500 in that racecar and had several things with the car. Whoever purchased the #28 racecar got a good deal hands-down.

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