Monday, October 5, 2009

Speedlinking: Alonso to Ferrari, Twitter and URL Shorteners, GM, Massachusetts and more.

Welcome back ladies and gentlemen to a new edition of speedlinking. I can’t believe the weekend is already gone and it’s Monday afternoon, but life goes on and Monday is all about putting the news out.

- Alonso to replace Raikkonen at Ferrari in 2010 – from

In one of the worst kept secrets in Formula 1 and a story that had been speculated and rumored on for the last few years, Alonso finally gets what he wants, to drive for Ferrari. Alonso said he wants to finish his driving career with Ferrari. However three things, first will Alonso succeed at Ferrari? Second, will he end his career at Ferrari? And three, does anybody care?

First, I believe Alonso will win races at Ferrari, but championships are another story, one reason is Ferrari has been lost so far in 2009 and conceded in the championship fight months ago. Second, I believe has almost has to end his driving career at Ferrari. Alonso has already driven for most of the teams and made a mess at some including McLaren-Mercedes. And three, no I don’t care one way or another.

- Should Twitter really count URL characters against you? – DownloadSquad

First, I don’t like URL Shorteners (they shouldn’t be pushed on you, Facebook doesn’t have them, why Twitter), like the article points out, they are bad for the web. You never know where they are pointing to, they could be an advertisement, imagine retweeting that. Second, I use twitter and I like to just put my real url in the lines so people know exactly where to go, but that difficult because sometimes the URL is so long. Bottom line, Twitter needs to update their service so url’s don’t count towards your 140 charactors or give you 10-15 extra charactors for the URL, another over 15 counts against your 140 charactors…that’s fair.

- GM Announces Chevrolet Caprice Police Package – Straightline Blog

I have to say that I’m not surprised that GM decided to bring out what a rear-wheel drive cop car, let’s be honest GM needs anything that sells right now. Personally though, GM should have just kept the G8 as a Chevrolet, it wouldn’t be a cross-brand item because Pontiac is being phased out. They should also keep a few other vehicles from Pontiac and now the phased out and shut down Saturn.

- JR Motorsports executive says team interested in Danica Patrick – SceneDaily

This is a story that just keeps changing except that Danica Patrick wants to come to NASCAR and yet she can’t confirm her IndyCar Series 3 year deal that has been rumored to be already signed with AGR. I have a feeling that there will be no announcements until after the IndyCar Series season finale this weekend at Homestead-Miami Speedway. The problem is, is that Danica was rumored to be with Stewart-Haas Racing and now with JR Motorsports. Ironically enough, JR Motorsports is Hendrick and they have room as far as Nationwide Series goes. She has to be in the Truck Series and/or the Nationwide Series for a full-season or two before she goes full-time in the Cup Series. I’m thinking 2013 she will be in NASCAR and I will end it there, but with whom.

- TRUCKS: Piquet Jr, Meira To Test For Red Horse Racing –

I don’t believe, another F1 driver trying to come to NASCAR, no that’s not the story here, the story is the F1 driver is non-other than Nelson Piquet, Jr. Nelson Piquet, Jr. is the driver that was released from Renault and then blow the whistle on his former team to the FIA because he was ordered to crash in the 2008 Singapore Grand Prix, the FIA court gave Renault a suspended two year ban, his boss a indefinite suspension and yet he got off free of charge. He will not have another F1 ride again, no one wants a whistle blower, I guess he thinks someone in NASCAR might give him a ride, yeah I wouldn’t count on it.

Personally I believe Nelson Piquet, Jr should have been suspended too or some type of penalty. He didn’t have to crash a racecar, he choose to accept that order.

- Massachusetts Gets Lower Than Expected Revenues & Mass Registry on Mass Turnpike – Both from

Massachusetts is one of those unique states that just don’t think things through correctly and since the state is not meeting expected revenues, they have decided raise fees, raise the sale tax to 6.25% and move two RMV’s to buildings on the Mass Pike. I find it interesting that in order to use the registry, I have to pay tolls and use the Mass Pike. Let me state the obvious, I don’t use the Mass Pike, tolls are a waste, this state would have less debt if you get rid of the Mass Pike then keeping it and jacking the tolls, welcome to Massachusetts.