Monday, October 5, 2009

Playlist: Carrie Underwood, Gloriana, Mallary Hope and more.

What a weekend it has been or more commonly referred to as CMT Big Music Weekend, where nine music videos from Carrie Underwood, Miranda Lambert and Reba to Michelle Branch and more debuted only on CMT.

One thing you have to know about me is that I have three country music channels on my television and an on-demand and I use them all daily. I love good music videos, but keep in mind one thing, I like some videos with actual live performances in them, for example Lady A’s “Lookin' for a Good Time” (Fan Video), Taylor Swift’s” I’m only me when I’m with you”, Gloriana’s “The Way It Goes” video or even better Carrie Underwood’s “I Told You So” video from the Grand Ole Opry.

Now here’s what I’m listening to right now:

- “Cowboy Casanova” – by Carrie Underwood from her new CD “Play On” that is due out in November.
What a video Carrie Underwood did for “Cowboy Casanova”, that one took my breath away, she did an amazing job on it. You can watch the music video either at CMT or Carrie’s YouTube Channel.

- “Love Lives On” – by Mallary Hope
Mallary Hope is a new comer to country music at least to me with a really cool personal music video. It was actually her music video that caught my ear on her music, I believe people should listen to her EP (3 tracks) on, iTunes or another Music Service, it’s really good.

- “Wild at Heart” – by Gloriana (Get use to this track, I love it.)
According to the Gloriana email I received yesterday, they said they just finished filming the music video for their new single "How Far Do You Wanna Go?” If this one is anything like their first two music videos “Wild at Heart” and “The Way It Goes”, the video should be good.

- “Need You Now” – by Lady Antebellum
- “Consider Me Gone” – by Reba McEntire from her new CD “Keep on Loving You”.
- “I Believe I Can Fly” – by R. Kelly
- “Home Sweet Home” – by Carrie Underwood
- “I Don’t Want To” – by Ashley Monroe

Before I go, last month I wrote an article titled “Carrie Underwood goes for three with Play On” where I wrote to all of the Carrie Underwood fans who read the article above, what are your favorite tracks of hers? Well one comment read:

flicketyflack said... “Nice blog! My top 10 favorites in no particular order are: I Told You So, Before He Cheats, We're Young & Beautiful, Crazy Dreams, The Night Before (Life Goes On), I Ain't In Checotah Anymore, All-American Girl, Wasted, Get Out Of This Town, and I'll Stand By You.”

Thanks for the comment and good list. Now what are you listening to right now and it doesn’t have to be country music.

Disclaimer: Let's get one thing straight, I wrote not only the advice above, but the Playlist article because I not only love music, but I wanted to share what music tracks I am listening to right now. I don't write just to sell albums, MP3's or fill a shopping cart to make money, so keep that in mind.