Saturday, October 24, 2009

Is the world big enough for both Facebook and Twitter?

According to an article on Mashable that talks about the “The Web 2.0 Summit” in San Francisco, the Twitter CEO said “The world is big enough for Facebook and Twitter.”

In reading that one quote, that got me thinking and while I’m not going to go into full details, I truly believe that he is right for now in the year 2009. The future is bright for social networking which includes blogging, lifestreaming, MySpace, Twitter, Facebook and more, at least in my eyes.

While I will get into all of social networking in the future, today I am talking solely on Twitter and Facebook.

As a webguy who uses the internet daily from looking for articles, news, information, connecting with friends, family, old high school classmates and just exploring, both services have their positives and negatives.

I currently use both services, I have been using Twitter @RaceDriven for months now and Facebook (Brian Vermette) for two months now and both service yield differently to me.

Twitter is a basic service that you can communicate with all over the world just by typing in a short 140 character message as well as post pictures to using the Twitpic. It’s a way to get your message out, whether its announcing a protest, an article you have found, promote your site or business to ask for help. In asking for help, I mean getting answers from companies or getting answers on something that is going on either across the world, across the country or across town. It’s simple.

The downsides are that you only get 140 characters including url and for some that’s not enough. The second is URL Shorteners, this shouldn’t be used, normal url’s are better and safer. I find the service to be cool, straight forward, simple, but needs work. I use Twitter to get small bits of info, spread the word about a post/article and in some cases keep up with celebrities.

Facebook on the other hand is completely different. It’s where you can communicate with friends, family, old high school mates, play games, use apps, and post updates on yourself with more than 140 characters and that doesn’t include the url itself. I am still trying to figure out this service, but am quickly adapting.

I use Facebook in one way like I do Twitter, to promote a post/article that I have written on my blog, however I go a lot further. I use it for playing games, connecting with people (family, friends and more), I find the service to be more advanced and takes time to learn.

I don’t know what the future holds for both Facebook and Twitter. A few sceneries that could play out, one is, Twitter and Facebook could combine, yes I know it’s hard to imagine, but in this world, anything is possible. Two, MySpace could bet both out and create a combo service, three, Twitter could become more advanced now that video is being worked on or Facebook becomes the new proven thing.

However I do know one thing, while there is room in this world right now in 2009 for both Facebook and Twitter, soon there might not be. Consider that there are so many brilliant people in this world that are consistently trying to come up with something new (also in some cases, have nothing better to do) and whether its next year, in 2011, in 2015, in 2020, or beyond, someone will come up with a new service that will make both, most or all other social media service obsolete.

To prove my point, what social networking service where you using before Twitter and Facebook got so hot? I bet you were blogging and/or you could have been using a service called MySpace.

Remember this, MySpace was founded in 2003 and become the most popular social networking site in the United States in June 2006. However things change and Facebook was founded on February 4, 2004 and in April 2008, Facebook surpassed MySpace by becoming the most popular social networking site internationally. And in and among all of that, Twitter was founded in 2006 and right now (October 2009) are half the size of Facebook, but known and used in several countries that allow it and even some that doesn’t.

Where will we be in 2011 or in 2020?