Monday, October 26, 2009

Health Care Reform and a Public Option: Yes or No?

No Government Public Option, instead help each state run their own that is subsidized though a health care insurance company.

One of the most talked about subjects in the United States right now is health care reform and here in the United States, it costs a lot of money to get health insurance let along dental. Now let me state the something right from the start, I don’t know too much about the current talks on health care reform going on in Washington D.C. right now, it’s only in what I hear in the media. However I have heard the talk about having a government run public option.

I have to say out loud that I’m opposed to a government run public option. As a Massachusetts resident who is currently unemployed just like a lot of people right now, I was forced to use the Massachusetts run public health care insurance called Mass Health. I fill out the forms every now and then for status and it’s a good option and model for Massachusetts residents. I’m not the only one who uses it, there is demand here for it in every state.

So with Massachusetts and a few other states already having their own health care insurance that is subsidized though a health care insurance company, why does the federal government need to have one too? And why doesn’t every state have one for their residents?

I strongly believe that the federal government needs to leave out the public option on their Health Care Reform bill.

First, think about it for a moment, the Federal Government already has Medicare and something else and it doesn’t work. Second, why should the Federal Government build one if Massachusetts and a few other states already have a public option for their residents.

So I propose instead of the Federal Government running or subsidizing health care insurance though a health care insurance company to everyone who needs it, the government should just help each states (all 50 states) create and maintain their own health care insurance using the Massachusetts model.

Personally I would rather have Massachusetts or if I lived in another state run it (which is subsidized though a health care insurance company) instead of the government. Another reason is more options for the consumer/resident who needs coverage. If the Federal Government runs it and there is a huge issue, the only option you have is private insurance company. If each state runs there’s separate, you have more options just by moving to another state.

Basically to the Federal Government and everyone in Washington, No public option, instead just add funding to each state and let them run their own health care plan options. The Massachusetts health care insurance works, so just help each state have the Massachusetts health care insurance model for their residences.

The Health Care Reform bill should work on the overall cost like for example, when I went to the hospital years ago after a automobile crash, the bill was almost $600, now the bill is even more. How about prescription costs? Doctor visit costs? Emergency Room costs? And what about waiting time to get a doctor's appointment? Work on that.