Thursday, October 8, 2009

A 1963 Ford Galaxie sells for $110k at the 2009 Barrett-Jackson in Las Vegas, but...

Well it isn't quite that time of the year yet for the Barrett-Jackson Auto Auction in Scottsdale, but it is time for the Barrett-Jackson Auto Auction in Las Vegas and here we are, a car guys dream.

With the tough economy right now, I always wonder what a particular car like a restomod 1969 Chevrolet Camaro would go for or an original 1970 Plymouth HemiCuda would go for, however when this 1963 Ford Galaxie 4-door sedan went across the block, even the announcers didn't know what to make of it. They were really puzzled and I have to say so was I when this car sold for $110,000.

Yes, two or three bidders bidded fearlessly on this car and one women just had to have this Galaxie, but why? At this moment for the love me I can't figure this one out as to why a car that most likely should have sold for $40k went all the way up to $110,000 ($121,000 total).

The Galaxie pictured above and is described as: "This vehicle was redesigned to accompany Mick Kieffer, one of the nation's leading Barney Fife impersonators. This vehicle has been autographed by the late Don Knotts, documentation and photos are included. Featured on 2 magazine covers: "Rod and Custom" and "Good Guys Gazette". In addition it has been the feature subject of many magazine and newspaper articles across the country. The car's film credits include an episode of the TV series "Cops" filmed in Des Moines, IA, the film "Trash" filmed in CA and a rock video for the Harvey Danger Band. This is a functional "Squad" car powered by a 289cid V8 with a Cruise-O-Matic transmission. The trunk contains the original jack and spare tire. " - (Description and Photo from Barrett-Jackson Web Site)

Well I guess a Don Knotts autographed and magazine cover car does strike some interest and like the announcers keep saying, "all it takes is two bidders to have an auction."

Alright, what do you think, is it worth it, would you buy it?
Personally while this car is not my thing, I would prefer a '87 Buick Grand National, a '69 Ford Mustang, a '70 Plymouth Cuda, it did get a few bidders attention and I hope they enjoy it. You know if this car has all of the original equipment on it, it would make a good car to turn into a restored original.

Damn its Las Vegas, anything can happen and I can't wait to see what vehicle comes across the block tomorrow, I just wish I was their.