Friday, September 25, 2009

Who does this? 227,000 text messages, 662,258 text messages in one month?

I'm sure in everybodies life, they do things that are pointless or in this case, something to break a record and this includes me too, however who does this?

Can you imagine spending an entire month doing nothing but sending and receiving text messages in order to break a record? I sure can't, but underneath the category of "I have to try this", two people online have published videos of them showing there cell phone bills including how many text messages they have done in that one month.

The first video below shows a reporter interviewing a person that has send and receive 227,000 text messages in one month. One day this guy received a big package that had thousands of pages in it and it was his T-Mobile cell phone bill that totaled over $26,000. Now of course he didn't have to pay it because he had an unlimited plan, but 227,000 text messages in one month.

The second one (click here to see the video) is even more outragious with another guy using his iPhone, send and received 662,258 text messages in one month as well. (Thanks Mashable for the tip) His cell phone from I believe AT&T came in several boxes and included over 12,000 pages. So let's do the math, if that month was 30 days, he would have to have send and received over 22,075 per day for 30 days.

I have to ask, who does this? So what does everyone think, waste of time, its a record, you got to break it?

I believe that people want to break records, but there are somethings that just shouldn't be attempted at all and this is one of them. I have a prepaid cell phone with Verizon and couldn't imagine even thinking about doing this nor want to, of course I would have an unlimited plan to even think about it. All I have to say is, this is a waste of time, a waste of the Cell Phone Companies resources and customers wonder why cell phone companies charge so much, people like these taking advantage of the system, but thats not the only reason for high prices for cell companies.

The other thing that struck me as odd, is the number pages that each person received. Did you know cell phone companies charge for a paper bill? Check your month statement/bill, it might just have a charge (under $2.00 per month).

Cell Phone companies, have you considered going paperless especially for this? According the video, the cell bill that came in had almost 13,000 pages to it. The 227,000 text message guy got over thousands of pages, do I need to go, save a tree.