Sunday, September 27, 2009

The 2009 Targa Trophy Rally in California

Over the past few months, I have been hearing and reading about a Targa Trophy rally in California. Now let’s be honest here, this is the type of event (among other automobile and NASCAR events) that I would like to attend and even though I was asked if I would like to attend as a member of the media, I just couldn’t. RaceDriven is a hobby turned part-time job that doesn’t allow me to travel, so pictures and details are next best thing.

First a little history, The Targa Trophy rally was started back in 2007 running San Diego. In 2008, the Targa Trophy rally was expanded to two events in Los Angeles and San Diego. Now in 2009, the Targa Trophy Rally has been expanded to three events in Orange County, San Diego and Los Angeles.

Luckily enough for all of car guys, Jonny Lieberman from not only attended the event originally in a Hyundai Genesis Coupe 3.8 (which I will get into in a minute), but wrote up a very detailed article called "Autoblog runs the 2009 Targa Trophy Rally..." on his prospective of the event, namely being in it. In reading this article like some on the internet today, I felt like I was right there next to him in the car. He had an amazing adventure, but I do have to say, who takes a Hyundai Genesis Coupe to a rally event like this anyway.

Personally if I had access to a normal list of vehicles, my short list would include a Subaru Impreza STI, a Audi A4 or RS4, a Ford Mustang with a V8 under the hood, a Chevrolet Camaro, a Dodge Challenger R/T, you get it, something with a lot of power under the hood that could handle a wide range of areas that this course is made up of. And for the record, a Ferrari would be cool to drive in this rally, but I said normal list, not dream list.

Anyway, if this is your type of event that you enjoy, then you should take a few minutes to read the article that included a slow speed accident with a Porsche, abandoning his teammates to be the navigator in a Ferrari F430 with a guy to don’t know (by the way, if I was the third person in a car and had the opportunity to experience the event in a Ferrari or supercar, you bet you’re a** I would too) to getting the chance to once again pilot the Hyundai Genesis Coupe with an experience that was a hell of a lot better including laying a beautiful piece of rubber down and out running several cars in your own territory, what a drive.

By the way, during his leg in the Ferrari, oh my god, my heart sunk when he mentioned that a Porsche Carrera GT was totaled during the rally. I have a hard time looking at a totaled super car or muscle car damn!

Anyway continuing on in the rally, can you imagine being around a Lamborghini Gallardo, a Ferrari F430 Spyder, a BMW E39 M5, a E60 M5, a E92 M3, a Porsche Carrera GT just to name a few, damn! Congratulations to Jonny in not only completely such an event, but finishing sixth.

What an article and I have to say that I never would have thought that a Hyundai Genesis Couple would be a challenger in and among Ferrari’s, BMW’s Audi’s, Porsche’s and more, I guess I stand corrected, it’s not all about what’s under the hood, it’s how the car’s overall performance thought the entire rally that counts. So this is a rally, who won.


1. Malcolm Medina – Audi RS4
2. Valli Khan – Porche Cayanne Transsyberia
3. Adam Roth – Audi R8
4. Josh Conely – BMW M5
5. Elliott Grossman – BMW M5
6. Jeff Glucker- Hyundai Genesis
7. Wick Zimmerman – BMW M5


1. Malcolm Medina – RS4
2. Elliott Grossman BMW M5/Nissan GTR
3. Joe Callian – Subaru WRX STI
Now of course were words tell most of the story, but pictures are worth a thousand words and below you will see a gallery of photos from the event…enjoy.

(Photo Credit: The photos that are named “targatrophyla” are from Danielle Gano from Elle Communications and the photos that are named “autoblog” are from

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Disclaimer: One thing, in the art of full disclosure, here at, I write on my passions and even though I received several photos and details of this event from a PR (I receive a lot of photos for articles which I love), I wrote this article because I wanted to. I am not obligated to write or post anything that I don’t want to. And I was NOT paid to write this, I will tell you if any article is a paid article. Just wanted to let my readers and others know that. Have a nice day.