Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Taylor Swift wins at VMA’s and performs on The View.

Welcome back ladies and gentlemen, Taylor Swift and her fans including myself have a lot to celebrate from the VMA’s, the CMA nominations, her first appearance on The View to her selling more than 10 million albums and that doesn’t even include the 20 million paid song downloads, more than any artist in country music history and the re-release of “Fearless” in a platinum version CD/DVD combination.

2009 MTV Video Music Awards (VMA’s)

Last Sunday night was a rollercoaster ride for Taylor Swift and it all took place at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards (VMA’s for short). Now let me state the obvious, the VMA’s isn’t my thing, I don’t watch MTV or there award shows and with the exception of Katy Perry and a few other artists, I am a country music fan. But I did watch the VMA’s last year and this time for one reason, because I’m a Taylor Swift fan.

The night started out with her winning Best Female Video for “You Belong with Me”. What a shocker, she bet out Lady GaGa, Kelly Clarkson, Pink, Katy Perry and the amazing Beyonce.

However during her acceptance speech, Kanye West came up on stage, grabbed the microphone from Swift and said “Taylor, I'm really happy for you, and I'm gonna let you finish, but,” and West then declared that Beyoncé, who had also been listed as a nominee in the category for Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It), "had one of the best videos of all time." (Quotes in this paragraph from USA Today Article)

An acceptance speech is a time for the winner of the award to knowledge everyone that made that happen for him/her, not for a person who doesn’t agreed with the award winner to come up and voice his/her displeasure. For West to get on stage and say that was completely disrespectful. I watched the VMA’s on television and my first words where “WTF is wrong with him, what a jerk.”

After West’s outburst, Taylor was taken backstage after that, she didn’t get the chance to thank everyone involved including the fans.

15 minutes later, Taylor performed “You Belong with Me” starting in the subway and moving up to street level and dancing on a Taxi in the street. Cool performance, it was a little different from what she normally does, however that was the VMA’s, not the ACM’s.

The night ended with Beyonce winning Video of the Year, however instead of doing her acceptance speech, she called country music star Taylor Swift back out to have a second chance at her acceptance speech where she thanked everybody involved in the song, video and of course the fans.

I will say that besides watching Taylor Swift win big and her performance, the night had two other good points as well. First, the night started off with a tribute to Michael Jackson. Now I’m not really a Michael Jackson fan, however I respect his music, it’s interesting, cool to listen to and different from anything else. His performances were incredible years ago it’s sort of reminds me of Beyonce’s performances.

Second had to Beyonce’s performance, that was incredible to watch. I had never watched her performance before nor sing, that was a welcome treat.

Tuesday's on “The View”

Earlier today, Taylor made her first appearance on ABC’s The View, first appearance…really, where she talked about her appearance on the VMA’s including Kanye West’s interruption and after being asked about living at home, she announced that she bought a Condo. Following the short sit down interview, Taylor performed two songs, first “Fifteen" and then “You Belong with Me”.

According to an AP report from a “The View” statement, after Taylor Swift said “He has not personally reached out or anything but if he wanted to say hi (I would),” on The View”, West called her and the two spoke. After the show he spoke personally to the country music superstar via telephone and has apologized to the 19-year-old singer. She has accepted Mr. West's apology. The contents of the phone call are to remain private," it read.

When it comes to Kanye West and his outburst/interruption, West first apologized on his blog, then again on “The Jay Leno Show” which I recorded, but haven’t watched yet and then according to statement above, he apologized for a third time. I believe it to be over and done with, he’s a jerk and that’s it.

CMA Nominations

Last week, the CMA nominations were announced on Good Morning and CMT where Taylor was nominated for four awards including Entertainer of the Year. Taylor is the youngest artist history to be nominated for the award and is the first solo female artist since Faith Hill in 2000.

She has been nominated for Best Music Video for “Love Story”, Album of the Year for “Fearless”, Female Vocalist and Entertainer of the Year. Also, congratulations to Carrie Underwood for being nominated for Female Vocalist, Best Musical Event and Song of the Year for the song “I Told You So” as well as to The Raconteurs featuring Ricky Skaggs and Ashley Monroe, they are nominated for Musical Event for their song “Old Enough”.

Well I will leave you with three questions, first what’s next for Taylor? Second, will she win next month at the CMA Awards in Nashville? Three, where is the fan voted award or awards? When it comes to the fan voted awards, I’m not talking about entertainer of the year, but what about best music video?

Congratulations Taylor Swift, you earned and if anybody is wondering about her passing the 10 million mark on albums and 20 million mark on song downloads, I own 3 albums including her self-titles “Taylor Swift”, the Beautiful Eye’s CD and her latest “Fearless” CD, not to mention just about every single song she has come out that is not on an album, and I bet you I am not along. I can also say the same for Carrie Underwood.