Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Kevin, Jordon and Natalie are the final three in Big Brother 11.

What a season of Big Brother this has been and now here we are final three, Kevin, Natalie and Jordon. Who is going to win the final 3-part HOH and who is the HOH winner going to take to the final two?

I’ve been thinking about which houseguest could win in the final two, but all of the power is in jury house and there are some questionable votes in there, not to mention only six jury members, who is the seventh going to be?

All this time I have thinking that if Natalie goes to the final two, she is a lock to win, however in looking at the jury house that so far contains Jessie, Lydia, Russell, Jeff and now Michelle, I’m thinking I am wrong and that Natalie is going to have to settle for second if she makes it to the final two at all.

Keep in mind, I don’t think Jeff, Michelle or Russell would vote to give Natalie the $500,000 and call her the winner. They believe the same thing; she floated through this game with first Jessie and then Kevin. She has won one HOH and still screwed Kevin, lied about just about everything even when didn’t have too, that includes her age and the so-called marriage proposal which I am not touching with a ten foot poll. Remember I am discussing each houseguest’s game in the house, not their personal lives and I could care less anyway.

Let’s look at this in simple math, first we don’t know who is going to be the final vote in the jury house, I’m thinking that the fans are going to be in for Chima since she was asked to leave, but that could change to another houseguest or something weird.

With that said, let’s go with what I am 80% sure of…Kevin vs. Natalie. In looking at who played this game better, who got evicted who and who did something in this game, I would say Kevin would win, why?

First things first, Natalie has only won one HOH, but she didn’t get her hands dirty as in getting someone evicted, remember Kevin did that with evicting Michelle. Jessie would vote for Natalie, Lydia would be undecided or vote for Kevin. Meanwhile Jeff, Jordon and Russell would vote for Kevin and Michelle might vote for Kevin only because she doesn’t want to see Natalie win.

It’s interesting that I am thinking 4 votes for Kevin and 2-3 for Natalie to win.

Second would be Jordon vs. Kevin. I thinking that 7th votes will come into play, Jeff, Russell and Michelle would vote for Jordon, while Jessie, Lydia and maybe Natalie would vote for Kevin. When it comes to Natalie, it all comes down to who won HOH, Jordon did and took Kevin, then yes, Natalie would vote for Kevin, but if Kevin won and took Jordon, then Natalie could vote for Jordon.

Third would be a very unlikely pairing, but not to out of the question, Jordon vs. Natalie. I believe that Jordon would win, but the 7th vote will come into play, but again it’s all on who wins the HOH. Russell, Jeff and Michelle would vote for Jordon, while Jessie and Lydia would vote for Natalie. Here’s the kicker, if Natalie won HOH and took Jordon, Kevin might vote for Jordon, if it’s the other way around then Kevin would vote for Natalie.

Personally after watching this entire season, I am hoping that of the final three, Jordon wins. Jordon could use the money to begin with, especially for her family and second she played a good game. She has one HOH which she got Lydia evicted and one POV that same week.

If it can’t be Jordon, then I would choose Kevin to win Big Brother 11. I can’t stand Natalie at all and at least Kevin has won HOH’s and POVs, well I really don’t need to discuss Natalie do I, but I do believe that she thinks she is Dr. Will, but she in no way is Dr. Will, her game is just lying period.

Who is the final two going to be and what do you think of the three pairings with who will win?