Thursday, September 3, 2009

Jordon, Michelle, Kevin and Natalie are the final four in Big Brother 11.

Welcome back ladies and gentlemen, here we are, Big Brother 11 is finally coming down to the end and after Russell and Jeff were evicted, Big Brother fans find themselves looking at the final four. One question, did anybody really expect to see these final four? I know Big Brother’s slogan is “expect the unexpected”, but damn, these four…

Well let’s start with Natalie, the women who final did something and won HOH when it counted the most, this week. In my eyes, Natalie is a 24 year old that has been carried through the game by first Jessie thanks to the clique twist and the 13th houseguest. However when America voted to give Jeff the Coup D’etat which thankfully got Jessie evicted, it was Kevin’s turn to carry her.

As Natalie now is the HOH, she now can get the blood on her hand, meaning get somebody evicted. I have to say, as of now, if I was in the jury house, Natalie would the last houseguest I would vote for to win Big Brother – she hasn’t done anything in the Big Brother house except lie and cause trouble.

Kevin, I agree with one blogger, I didn’t even know he was in house until about two weeks ago, shows how much work he has down, but he did evict Jeff after breaking a deal with him, of course this is Big Brother, just about everybody including Jeff and Jordon have broken deals with another houseguest at one point or another in this game. Kevin has won HOH and a Power of Veto. If Kevin were to take Natalie to the final two, he would lose, although Kevin has done more in the game then Natalie.

Jordon: Jordon is America’s sweet heart that has paired herself up with Jeff throughout the game. What a cute couple they make. So far in Big Brother, she has one HOH (I should mention that in the final round a HOH competition, Jeff through it to give her the HOH, good strategy by Jeff, so he could play the following week) and she has won a POV (straight up).

Michelle, I have yet to be able to figure out Michelle. To date, Michelle has won 3 Power of Veto’s and one HOH. The HOH was very short-lived because Chima was evicted/asked to leave/expelled, the point is, she’s gone and Big Brother decided to hold another HOH a few days early. At this point in the game, Thursday night after eviction and HOH competition, if she makes it to the final three, she has a very good chance of winning HOH and going to the final two, but winning is another story.

With Natalie as the HOH, I have to imagine that Kevin isn’t going home this week considering Natalie will nominate Jordon and Michelle, however it is possible… (if I got this correct) considering if Michelle or Jordon wins POV, then Kevin would have to go up on the block and either Michelle or Jordon would have the lone vote to evict who they want too. I would imagine that would be Kevin, cross your fingers this might just happen. The other thing is, what is behind the door with the question mark on it and how is it going to effect the game?

Any predictions, which houseguest is going to be evicted on Tuesday and what roll if any will the question mark play this week? Not knowing who wins POV, I am hoping Michelle wins POV and evicts Kevin. As for the question mark, that could spell disaster for Michelle, she might just be getting evicted this week. Not the week for a mystery power that no one except the HOH knows about, but that’s Big Brother.