Thursday, September 17, 2009

I wonder what Tony Stewart, Erik Estrada and Carrott Top talking about, BK or Kevin Harvick giving the “V” sign?

When I first saw these three photos below at this time last week, my first thoughts were I wonder what the conversation is between Tony Stewart, Erik Estrada and Carrott Top? The second thing is, why is Kevin Harvick standing there making a “V” sign?

Tony Stewart shares some laughs with actor, Erik Estrada and comedian/actor, Carrot Top, during a break behind the scenes of Burger King Corp.’s ad shoot, “The Tony Stewart School of Endorsements.” (Photos furnished by Matter-Edelman)

Kevin Harvick giving the “V” sign (symbolizing Shell V-Power®) and a quick note about a contest his sponsor, Shell, is running right now called The Shell V-Power "Fuel My Passion" Contest and Sweepstakes that is for those who are passionate about their ride and would be willing to share their "love stories" through a brief description of why they are passionate about their vehicle. You can visit for more details. (Photos furnished by Matter-Edelman)
Yeah you would think I have a little too much time on my hands, but I just like to ponder something’s for a while, whether it’s NASCAR’s Chase for the Sprint Cup, why Richard Petty Motorsports is merging/acquiring Yates Racing to who is going to win the Sprint Cup Series Championship this season?

What do you think?