Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Carrie Underwood goes for three with “Play On”.

I’ve been a Carrie Underwood fan since I first heard her debut CD Some Hearts back in either late 2005 or early 2006 (The CD was released in Nov. 2005). I first heard it in my father’s car after I noticed it in the console and asked not only who was the artist, but could I listen to it. I remember listening to the entire CD and couldn’t put it away.

So it should be no surprise that since I am not only a huge fan of hers, but own both her first CD “Some Hearts” and her second CD “Carnival Ride”, that I would be excited about her third CD coming out in a few months. Well this Carrie Underwood fan was thrilled to learn yesterday (August 31) that her new album would be called “Play On”. (Read press release)

Her third album “Play On” will be released on November 3rd which is one week before Carrie co-hosts the 2009 CMA Awards on Wednesday, November 11 live on ABC along side Brad Paisley for the second year in a row.

The art work for "Play On" was also released which is pictured above.

A while back, Carrie released a remake song if you will called “Home Sweet Home” (pictured on the left), I was able to pick it up as a MP3 download on one of the services and the art work cover for the single was amazing. It was her on what looks to be beach, I had always thought that she would use that cover for her third album, but I do have to say that the cover above does look interesting.

So to all of the Carrie Underwood fans who is reading this article, what are your favorite tracks of hers? Trying to come up with just one of my favorite Carrie tracks is almost impossible, so I have created a Top 10 list of favorite tracks I listen to regularly (In no particular order):

1. Flat on the Floor
2. Get out of this town
3. Some Hearts
4. All American Girl
5. I Ain’t in Checotah Anymore
6. I Told You So
7. Jesus, Take the wheel
8. Before He Cheats
9. Don’t forget to remember me
10. Just a Dream

I have a feeling that her third album will sell very well.