Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Best season in Big Brother history? Big Brother 11?

One of the most searched phases when it comes to Big Brother is “Best season in Big Brother history”. Big Brother is in its 11 season so far and it’s been a pretty good run and I hope it continues. Some of the seasons have been so so, while others have been off the charts with twists, surprises, action, drama and more, you know the stuff that makes it memorable.

Looking back over the 11 seasons, there had been those few that have stood out, for example, season 8, that one had the father vs. daughter finale with America’s Player Eric voting the way American wanted and doing what America asked. Season 7 was All-Stars. The All-Stars had Dr. Will and Mike boogie playing everyone in the house and acting so cool about it. And of course the controversial season 9, 'Til Death Do You Part, what a winter season, so much drama just for being couples and because of everything that said on the air which saw Adam win the $500,000.

Let’s not forget some classic moments, one of the best had to be back in season 3 when Marcellas had POV and chose not to save himself, he was evicted that week. Over 11 seasons, I really couldn’t choose the best season, however season 11 would rank in the top 5 for sure. This season had so many twists and turns and yet could be followed.

CBS did a pretty good job in choosing who would be among the 12 houseguests to compete. One thing I loved is that they were complete strangers. Right from the first day, Big Brother unveiled a huge twist in that each houseguest would play the game as part of a high school clique, but also as individuals. The popular clique was Jordon, Laura and Braden. The Athletes were Natalie, Jeff and Russell, the Brains were Ronnie, Michelle and Chima and finally the off-beats were Lydia, Casey and Kevin.

One way to even the playing field could have been having the high school cliques combine into four cliques with one member from each category. So that would be a popular mixed with an Athlete, a Brain and an Off-beat. That would have made it a little more interesting, than BB fans would have seen who goes where and forms an alliance with whom.

Unfortunately unlike the high school cliques which was part of the game and was pretty good, I didn’t care for the 13th houseguest at all which out of four past houseguests, was last season’s Jessie coming back for a second try. That put an unfair advantage for the Athletes as if they are ready didn’t have that advantage.

The third twist, the Coup D’etat. The Coup D’etat power holder when the power is used can overthrow the current HOH, replacing one or both of the HOH nominations with their own nominations on the spot at the time of eviction (before the votes are cast). This was a game changing power that America voted to give one houseguest and overwhelmingly was given to Jeff. During Chima’s HOH reign, Jeff used the Coup D’etat power, removed Lydia and Russell, replaced them with Natalie and Jessie.

Amazing enough, this power ended up having some good in it, it actually saved one persons game (Jeff), set another houseguest off which lead to that HG being expelled (Chima), set the stage for the 13th houseguest to be evicted (Jessie) and started a huge power shift, so I guess it wasn’t all that bad. And I think this wasn’t the first time this power existed in Big Brother history.

One moment in this game that was so stupid, Day 40, the night after Jessie got evicted. OMG three women sitting at the dining room table tossing and crying as if he was hit by a Mac truck (thanks Kevin for the words).

I will remember each houseguest in a different way, I really didn’t get the chance to see what Braden or Laura could do in the game. Both of them got evicted because of their mouths. Everything you say in this game affects you. Braden got evicted by one vote because he said something bad to Lydia.

Ronnie, oh boy this guy played this game like Kaysar did in season 6, he played all of his cards too early, played everybody and for that he got evicted. One thing, he should have nominated Russell, the chance to get him evicted was there and he didn’t take it.

How about Casey wearing a banana suit the same week he got evicted, he actually walked out in the suit, what a guy. His strategy was to lay low, not say too much, but Natalie went to the HOH Jessie and that was that.

To me, what I call the 13th houseguest Jessie got what he deserved and evicted because Jeff used the Coup D’etat and his alliance didn’t have the votes to save him. Although I will admit, over the winter, somebody taught this guy how to play Big Brother, but left out one key point, don’t play god in the HOH room, he did that both seasons and got evicted for it.

Let’s fast forward past Chima as she walks out the door and go straight to Lydia’s game. Lydia played the game pretty good. She stayed in for a while, however if see would have not gone off on everyone including Jeff and Jordon, she would have stayed in the house for at least another week. Natalie should thank her, Lydia’s outbursts and eviction is what saved her (Natalie).

Russell played a hard game. He played a lot of people, but he looked at several past houseguests and took points from each of their games, but acting like a jerk and fighting with HG’s shouldn’t really be in the cards, what is he Mike Boogie or Dr. Will. Russell just got to too many houseguests, getting in to fights with several of them from Jeff the first week to Chima, Lydia, Ronnie, there is a good list here which put that huge target on his back including with Jeff that got him evicted.

Jeff. The Coup D’etat winner, a move that saved his game, changed the power in the house and of course made the target bigger on his back. I have to say that I wanted him to win, but something got to him and even though getting Russell evicted was a good move, it ended his game because he trusted Natalie and Kevin. I still think Jeff played a good game. America voted to give Jeff $25,000, their favorite houseguest.

I never could really figure out Michelle’s game at all. She either forgot conversations or just lied point blank to people. She had a hand in getting Russell out too. Michelle won at least 3 Power of Veto’s and one HOH, she was a strong competitor and the strongest women in the house.

Kevin, I agree with one blogger, I didn’t even know he was in house until about the final five, that shows how much work he did. He did get Jeff evicted by breaking a deal with him (Jeff), of course this is Big Brother, just about everybody including Jeff and Jordon have broken deals with another houseguest at one point or another in this game. Kevin has won HOH and a Power of Veto. In the end, Kevin made it to the final 3, but Jordon won her second HOH and evicted him.

Natalie, the 24 year old (not 18, that lie cosseted her big time with the jury) that in my eyes got carried through the game by first Jessie thanks to the clique twist and the 13th houseguest, then Chima and later by carried by Kevin. She is a lot like the guy who won Survivor season 1. She throw competitions, made deals and in the end throw the final HOH comp and basically said you have to take me to the finals. She won one HOH when it counted, but nothing else. Natalie played the dirtiest game in history, she bet Russell and Ronnie by a mile.

Jordon is America’s sweet heart she paired herself up with Jeff throughout the game. What a cute couple they make. She won one HOH (I should mention that in the final round a HOH competition, Jeff through it to give her the HOH, good strategy by Jeff, so he could play the following week) and she has won a POV (straight up). And most importantly, she won the final HOH, told Natalie to the final 2 and by a vote of 5-2 (Russell and Kevin voted for Natalie) including the 7th jury America, Jordon won Big Brother 11. Put of the final 4, she would be the one I wanted to win, if not her then Michelle or Kevin.

In the end, I have to say that having the two hour live finale is the perfect way for Big Brother to end the season finale. I like the fact that everything is live from the 3rd part of the final HOH to the jury asking the questions, although somebody should have clued Kevin in a on a few things including Natalie’s age lie.

Congratulations to Jordon for winning Big Brother 11, hats off to you, you deserve it, it wasn’t the best strategy, but you won two HOH’s, a POV, and stayed true to Jeff.

Disclaimer: As you read this, please keep this in mind, I’m not bashing anybodies personal life or life outside the house, this article strictly talks about each HG’s game play, think of it as characters in a movie or TV Series.

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