Monday, August 3, 2009

X Games Rally: Kenny Brack in a Ford Fiesta wins over Travis Pastrana in a Subaru impreza.

(Photo Source: Flickr)

Yesterday afternoon I watched the X Games featuring the Rally cars competing both in the eliminations and the finals and boy was that exciting.

I had watched the X-Games Bikes (I Believe) on Saturday and I was wondering just what the Rally course the next day was going to look like and what a layout it was just in looking at the course inside the Home Depot Center in California the next day.

I mean there is nothing like this course, starting right from the start/finish line, each driver goes there separate way with one going over the big jump and up the ramp to the outside of the area while the other driver goes around the course, up another ramp or so and outside to the back of the arena to only meant up with other driver and race side-by-side around the course down a straightaway and into a tight hairpin turn, race back through the same track and back into the arena to only switch course with the other driver this time hitting the big jump and going on that course while the other driver jump heads outside and then it’s a race around the back half of the course, come back inside the arena and whoever makes it’s the finish line first without short cutting the course wins.

Two thing surprised me, first I was amazed in some cases with these rally cars making that big jump inside the arena, some make it and yet some hit front first, busting a small or the entire frontend of the car, I featured a picture above that tells the story, the photo was taken by I guess a fan inside the arena and was posted on Flickr, what a sight to see, I would have loved to see that from inside the arena.

Second had to the commenter ride along sort of speck, ESPN had two reporters riding along in a few races inside the cars to give the in-car view of what is going on, there is nothing like experiencing that for yourself and I can only imagine what you’re thinking and feeling when you’re riding shoot gun and that rally driver hits that huge jump, I heard it was 40-70 feet gap and that made room for the road underneath and at the same time racing in the outside of the course from the tight hair ping to the sweeping corner, what a sight must be.

Anyway in watching the eliminations, I was surprised to see Tanner Foust make that mistake in the back of the course while racing I believe Kenny Brack, but at least he finished the course.

However it wasn’t the eliminations that bothered me, those were exciting to watch, what a show those rally cars put on, but it was the finals between Kenny Brack in a Ford Fiesta and Travis Pastrana in a Subaru impreza that left me asking what happened?

During the finals with Brack vs. Pastrana, Brack was making his first laps around, but then Pastrana make an error while heading back into the arena, hit the outside wall and then the inside and I have seen the phots, but why he stop? I would think there was that much damage to the car, I mean he could have continued and finished the course or is that just me?

Congratulations to Kenny Brack in his Ford Fiesta for winning the X-Games Rally, what a drive, but I just have one question where can I get a five-door Ford Fiesta that looks similar to those, I mean one driver even had electronic windows in his car, those look cool.

CARSON, CA - AUGUST 02: Travis Pastrana and Kenny Brack compete in the Rally Car Racing Super Special Final during X Games 15 at the Home Depot Center on August 2, 2009 in Carson, California. (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images via