Saturday, August 8, 2009

What do you think about Joe Gibbs Racing cutting up Kyle Busch's Nashville trophy Gibson Guitar?

Video of Joe Gibbs Racing cutting up the Gibson Guitar
has been removed -- Video now marked private.

Here are my comments that I wrote a few days after the race here on RaceDriven:
Last Saturday night was shaping up to be just like so many NASCAR Nationwide Series races, Kyle Busch leading the race and in most cases dominating the race, the ESPN announcers cheering him on as they are part of his fan club, the fans waiting for just about anything to happen, the TV Broadcast following the too early to cover points fight between Busch and Edwards, but no one covering the a driver’s car on fire heading into the garage and of course Kyle Busch winning the race.

So what the headline, well leave to Kyle Busch to make a statement in his car that everyone was going to get a piece of that guitar, that’s not a bad thing to say neither that crew deserves a lot of credit, and yes they do, NASCAR is a team sport, not driver only, however no one was expecting Kyle Busch to take the trophy, a beautiful Gibson Guitar painted up that any driver would love to win and smashes it on the ground in victory lane and give pieces of it to his crew. It should be said that unbelievably Kyle Busch asked Sam Bass and Gibson if he could smash it and from what I understand according to Kyle they approved it.

Personally, a trophy that you receive by inning a race such as the Daytona 500, the Southern 500, Indianapolis 500, a Martinsville Cup Series race to a Nashville Nationwide Series race deserves respect, it says you won the race, first to cross the finish line, and with the competition so competitive, races are hard to win these days and that trophy a perfect way to cap off a good race day for the driver, the team not only at the racetrack, but back at the show, the owner, the sponsors and all the people that make it possible, so if a driver smashing a trophy whether it’s a Gibson Guitar or a grandfather clock from Martinsville Speedway, that to me is disrespectful.

I understand that the trophy in this case is Kyle Busch’s, but that’s still disrespectful.
Here is what Kyle Busch and Sam Bass said in the Nationwide Victory Lane interview from

Kyle Busch said: “We had a good day that went smooth today and we didn’t have any issues, you know we have had smooth days that were going great the past few weeks, just at the end it comes to something taking us away. So it was relief today, I mean I was actually nervous coming down to the end of the race because I wasn’t sure, something might happen. You never know, it would just be a never-ending saga really. But finally we were able to knock the monkey off the back and get a win here, for me especially to get my first Nationwide Series win at Nashville and my second guitar I won an archer race here, it’s been a long time since that day and it was very cool. “

Now the winner at Nashville always gets a custom painted Gibson guitar that every driver takes great care to get home safely. That is until Busch, who took out his acts in victory lane and did his best impression, of a rock star.

Busch: Yeah, I always said if I win here man I’d smash that thing. So I had to stick to my word man it’s karma or something I guess. So I won here so I tried to smash it up. Ozzy (Osbourne)’s done it right? I think Ozzy’s done it too; I think KISS has even done it. I mean everybody’s done it except racecar drivers. All them sorry saps they take it home in one piece and put it on the shelf. I’ll break that thing up and spread it among the team so everybody’s got a piece. He’ll have to do that by cutting it up with a saw because the man who customized the guitar, artist Sam Bass pointed out.

Sam Bass: “That shows what a quality product Gibson makes. Because that guitar did not break, the neck did not break in a half and it’s probably still playable if you plugged it in.” - Thanks
The smashing of the guitar has gotten a lot of fans attention, most fans are calling this disrespect, while others are defending him, so what is your opinion on Kyle Busch smashing the Gibson Guitar?