Friday, August 7, 2009

Big Brother 11: My Take on the first 33 days – Part Two

Before I continue, I want to say that keep in mind, I’m not bashing anybodies personal life or life outside the house, this article strictly talks about each HG’s game play, think of it as characters in a movie or TV Series.

After part one, my thoughts on the high school cliques and the 13th houseguests, welcome to part two, the first four weeks and who is evicted.

Big Brother season 11 is now 33 days into game and I have to say, from day 1, unlike past seasons of Big Brother except for Season 10 winter edition when each houseguest played as couples, these houseguests where already playing the game in full force and it didn’t take long for the backstabbing to start.

Let’s start with week 1, #13: Braden – Evicted Week 1: In beginning the first houseguest to be evicted, BB fans including me didn’t get to know Braden all that much. It was really too early for him to go home, he wasn’t playing a huge game, just sort of floating through the first week.

However simply what got him evicted was a over cautions HOH Jessie and Braden’s mouth once he got up on the block, considered he was backdoored. Braden went off on Lydia after she went off on him, but he said a few words (that if he didn’t, he might have had a fighting chance to stay) to Lydia and that was it.

Of course I am going to say that in my mind, Chima put herself on the map as she was the pone on the block, but more for her speech before they voted, that was uncalled for, granted Braden shouldn’t have said what he said, but she shouldn’t of said it, she should be evicted after that one. BTW: the vote was tied at 5-5, so Jessie the HOH evicted him, a lot of people believed that Braden didn’t deserve to go home and that Chima would be a better choice.

#12: Laura – Evicted Week 2: With Ronnie as the HOH, I really don’t understand why he targeted Laura of all people in the house, yes she spoke her mind and tried to expose Ronnie for the lie he has told and not voting out Chima when he said he would, but Russell would have been the better choice.

Unfortunately for Laura, she got on Ronnie radar and his alliance’s radar and that was it. Personally Laura didn’t have a big game going, she wasn’t really in an alliance with anyone, it was a waste for Ronnie to put her out. The thought was to backdoor Russell and he should have done it, now Ronnie is paying the price, I will talk about that more under Ronnie.

I would like to see Laura come back into the house in another season, there is more to her then just beauty, she might be a big contender to win in a future big brother game.

#11: Casey – Evicted Week 3: Casey man, oh boy, nice guy in the house, tried a good strategy to keep his mouth shut, but just couldn’t and when you combine that with a telling Natalie to Jessie moves, the HOH Jessie decided to go against the house and instead of backdooring Ronnie, he backdoored Casey. Casey didn’t go down without a fight and Jessie did lie to him and broke deal with him, but welcome to Big Brother and what goes around, most likely will come around.

For Casey, I was sort to see him go, but two good things, first he got his business DJ Mingle Mixx (yes I gave him a plug, he was good in the game) on television (mainly Showtime) and he gets to go back to his family and his one year old.

#10: Ronnie – Evicted Week 4: Ronnie basically said this is a game, he is playing a game, well when you lie to people in this house, your screwed and chances are, you will be evicted soon. This past week was a tough week to watch in some ways from the endurance competition in the backyard being decided by a hand shack and Russell winning HOH after 3 and a ½ hours hanging out, the deal was to put up Ronnie and not Jeff or Jordon to Ronnie talking and going after Michelle, but what an outcome, Ronnie evicted by a vote of 4-3. Jessie, Natalie and Chima voted to keep Ronnie, not a good move in my opinion.

A few notes from week 4, I wasn’t surprised that Russell put up Ronnie vs. Lydia, Lydia has been talking in this house too and a few HG’s want her out.

If that isn’t enough for you (or the houseguests), rewind to this past Tuesday night where he was involved in a huge fight or words with Kevin. Yeah Kevin can fight and he did, he got into it with Ronnie hard, I don’t know what started it, but Ronnie said he might not be going home and that he has the power (HG’s don’t know what the power is, only that it is a game changer, but fans know it as the “Coup D’etat”, however voting ended Wednesday night I believe and he said he had it Tuesday night, what a bluff, but after the fight, he was pretty much gone, although I thought I heard Natalie defending him and saying he has never lied to her.

What about the remaining houseguests? Look for part three later tonight…