Friday, August 7, 2009

Big Brother 11: My Take on the first 33 days – Part Three

Before I continue, I want to say that keep in mind, I’m not bashing anybodies personal life or life outside the house, this article strictly talks about each HG’s game play, think of it as characters in a movie or TV Series.

After part one, my thoughts on the high school cliques and the 13th houseguests, part two, the first four weeks and who is evicted. Welcome to part three, what about the remaining houseguests?

Let’s start with the alliance of Jessie, Natalie, Chima and Russell. These four use to be a strong six in the house, however Ronnie was one, of course he was playing both sides, but voted with them and Lydia had a fight with Natalie over Jessie and has since found a new alliance.

When it comes to Jessie and taking into to account that he was handed HOH in week 1 and won HOH in week 3, one blogger said it the best, somebody has been teaching Jessie how to play Big Brother over the winter and that person is right too, first other then Jessie holding court up in the HOH room in the first and third week, he has been laying low and that is a good strategy. You every notice that when a fight brakes out, Jessie is absent, that’s exactly what he needs to do, but he is a big threat to win the game.

Natalie is playing more of a follow the leader with a big mouth type game. At one point, I thought she was joined at the hip with Jessie for the first three weeks at least. Since she is in an alliance, mainly due to the high school cliques, she is in good shape for now, but seriously doubt her making it to the final four, and with that, I wonder if it wasn’t for the cliques and the twist of Jessie, where would her game be? Seriously think about that one, these cliques in my opinion benefited her the most hands down.

Chima, who is currently the HOH (week 5) is another one that is allied with the right people right now for the way this game Is going. Her big blowout with Russell didn’t help much and since she is HOH, I wouldn’t be surprised if she puts him up on the block considering that is what she said she would do if she became HOH. However I think Jessie and Natalie will have a say in that and recommend Michelle, Lydia or Kevin for eviction instead. After her comments in week 1 and the fight last week, somebody will nominate her and try to get her evicted.

Russell is nothing more than a loss cannon that while he can play the game, doesn’t know when to lay low and shut his mouth. Survival tip #1 in the Big Brother house, your mouth will get you in trouble, she don’t speak out yelling at people if you can. He was HOH last week and nominated Ronnie last week.

On the other side of the house, you have Jeff and Jordon in an alliance, Michelle alone and Lydia and Kevin in an alliance.

Now of course we enter the new power, the Coup D’etat. The Coup D’etat always America’s Choice that being Jeff to over throw the HOH and on the spot at the live eviction change the nominations to what he wants and that brings me to America’s choice to win the Coup D’etat, Jeff.

I could think of a better person, when Julie was about the announce the Coup D’etat, I thought for sure America had given it to Ronnie or Jessie, but I have to say that while I voted 10 times for Jeff, it was a long shot, a long shot that worked out.

So what about Jeff? Jeff is playing a good game right now, he plays the game about as straight up as you possibly can in the big brother house with the Coup D’etat, he and Jordon is safe this week, at least I sure hope so. So since Jeff is in an alliance with Jordon that brings me to Jordon.

I haven’t been really able to figure out Jordon’s game yet, except that while she was trying to lay low for the first half of the game, she has been on the block for two straight weeks as pone. Pones normally go home in big Brother, but so far this season, it has been anything but. I have been watching Jeff and Jordon, what a combo these two make and no I don’t see this as a showmance.

Now we come to the floaters in the house for sure, first being Michelle. Michelle is a huge target and chances are she will go up in the next week or two depending upon who wins HOH. Michelle has been involved in a few fights and while she does speck a lot, I still don’t see some of what the other HG’s call her lies.

Second is Lydia, she once was in an alliance with Jessie, Natalie, Chima and Russell, but since last week has left to form an alliance with Kevin. She is on Chima’s radar and could be a target this week too.

There is a lot more to Lydia then even I thought, but you really have to get past the appearance (the shell) to see what she is truly all about.

Finally you have they quite Kevin, need I say more.

Now I wonder, who will the new HOH Chima nominate for eviction and will Jeff use the Coup D’etat? Simply put, I wouldn’t say Russell since he is in the alliance with her, Natalie and Jessie, so Michelle might be a target alone with Lydia for sure and maybe Kevin. I’m thinking that Jeff and Jordon maybe safe this week because the four alliance (HOH Chima) doesn’t think they are strong right now in the house.

As for the Coup D’etat, I think if he and/or Jordon get on the block, he will use it and replace the nominations with Natalie and Jessie. However if never one of them or even Russell is on the block, he will not draw attention to himself and let the power expire, that would be a good strategy move.