Monday, August 3, 2009

Big Brother 11: My Take on the first 30 days – Part One.

What this BB fan thinks of the high school cliques and the 13th HG concept.
It’s a nice Monday evening at my house and its day 30 in the Big Brother house and I watched the Big Brother After Dark feed from last night this morning, what a classic he said, she said, they said type deal.

In watching the first 30 days of Big Brother 11 play out not only on the edited CBS three episodes a week version, but the BB After Dark, it looks like and in a lot of ways is like watching 13 houseguests play characters on television like in a TV Series or movie and so keep that in mind and that I have never meant any of these people (and only going off what I see on the feed and shows) when you read all of my Big Brother article.

With that said, in part one of the first 30 days, I am going to discuss my thoughts on the high school cliques and the 13th Houseguest concept.

With every passing season of Big Brother, CBS and the producers of Big Brother try to switch things up in the house, add an extra element to the game to make the season just a little bit different from the past season and more interesting and fun to watch for the fans.

So for Big Brother season 11, the producers came up with two new twists from the start to add to the game, first, each houseguest would play the game as part of a high school clique.

These 12 houseguests who are complete strangers would be playing the game in a high school clique, but they are playing the game as singles, no this isn’t like Big Brother 9 when the houseguests played the game as couples, well that’s good at least.

As part of this twist though, now when a houseguest wins HOH and you’re in the same clique as the new HOH, you can’t be nominated that week. So if Ronnie wins HOH, Michelle and Chima are safe that week. Safety is huge, but I hate to hear it when players in a realty show game say their safe.

Since Big brother is going back to high school, what are the cliques and who is where?

The cliques are: The popular clique is Jordon, Laura and Braden. The Athletes are Natalie, Jeff and Russell, the Brains are Ronnie Michelle and Chima and finally the off-beats are Lydia, Casey and Kevin.

Wow let’s all go back to high school, ok let’s not and say we did, personally high school wasn’t all that entertaining to me, I guess I would either be in the Brains or the off-beat, although I would say off-beat more, what clique in high school would you be in? Really think about that one before you answer.

However don’t blink just yet because there is a second twist and this one I hated because it created an unfair advantage in the Big Brother house, basically in this “green” house, one former houseguest from a past season would have the chance to return the game and that (#13) houseguest would be the first HOH.

So while the four cliques where battling it out in the first HOH competition, an endurance competition in the backyard, four former players where outside the house with Julie watching the competition on TV and routing for a particular clique to win.

The four former players were Cowboy from season 5 for the off-beats, Jessica from season 8 for the popular clique (I really wanted Jessica back in the house, she feel for America’s Player back in season 8), Brian from season 10 for the Brains (BB fans remember Brian don’t you, well if you answered no, that’s for good reason, Brian was evicted week 1 in season 10, he was the puppet master) and Jessie from season 10 as well, yes the body builder.

Well it should be no surprise that the Athletes won, it was the same way it was in high school and it’s the same way now and in turn here is where the disadvantage for the other 3 cliques comes from, Jessie now would be the fourth member and since he already has played this game and is a fourth member, the athletes now have a big advantage and all the power for that first week.

Of course on last Thursday night, Big Brother announced two twists, one I get into in part two called the “Coup D’etat” and the second was the cliques were dissolved. Oh yes, finally no more safety, let’s see what some of these houseguests can really do to save themselves now.

I have to say as I looked at those two twists play out in the first 30 days, I like thing simple, have 14 houseguests come in to the house to play for $500,000, all 14 HG’s play as singles, they play for themselves, yes you give them a few twist, I don’t mind the “have and have not’s” idea, if that plays in every week so be it, but I don’t like former players coming back into the house except if it’s an All-Star edition.

As for the high school cliques, while I applaud the concept, it might have worked without the extra player coming back into the game, basically I hope there is a season 12 and 13, one being an All-star edition and the other being back to the original game with a modern twist and 14 houseguests (with two double-evictions), but no group, just singles playing the game the way it should be. Also a winter edition next February would be really cool and more live shows.

BTW Big Brother, when does Big Brother fans see an All-Star edition and here’s one thing, make it non-winners, meaning no player that won the Big Brother can play?