Friday, August 21, 2009

Big Brother 11 heating up - Coup D’etat, Jessie, Chima & Lydia being evicted, what’s next?

Damn, this game can change in a heartbeat, the last time I write on Big Brother 11 was just over 33 days into the Big Brother 11 game where I talked about the first four evicted houseguests, what I thought of the high school cliques, the 13th houseguest and Ronnie had just been evicted, so where are we now.

After Ronnie’s eviction, some in the house took it one way, while others took it another way. At the same time, it was already time for another HOH competition where Chima won HOH and began her week’s reign. Naturally since Chima had already said a week or two before that that if she won HOH, she would put up Russell, Chima officially nominated Russell and Lydia.

Lydia and Jordon at that point where merely pones, someone to go on the block next to the real target for that week and maybe to ensure that the real target goes home, for this week it was Russell.

At the same time, Big Brother has already announced that America was voting to give one of the houseguests a new power, the Coup D’etat which I will get into a minute. The idea of a mystery power really didn’t sit too well with the houseguests, no one know exactly what the power details. Some HG’s speculated that it could remove only one nomination, others thought it was something completely different, but no one really know just how much damage this new power could cause.

At one point, most HG’s agreed that the power shouldn’t be used and made a pack, of course anybody who got that power would have used it in a heartbeat. Chima, the current HOH went so far as to say at the cameras a few threats to not only the Coup D’etat holder, but on the live show in general.

The fans voted overwhelmingly to give Jeff the Coup D’etat power.

What is the Coup D’etat and what does this Big Brother fan think about it?
The Coup D’etat is a game changing power that is nothing like whatever Big Brother has thrown at the houseguests before, whether it’s America’s Choice, America’s Player, playing as couples, playing in cliques, some kind of twist

The Coup D’etat power holder when used can overthrow the current HOH, replacing one or both of the HOH nominations with their own nominations on the spot at the time of eviction (before the vote). So for example what I was thinking before the Thursday night eviction, the holder Jeff could remove the two nominees and replace them with Natalie and Jessie which would be a game changing move.

Personally I am not a fan of this Coup D’etat power. Basically unlike the other twists, the Coup D’etat overthrows the current HOH. You have to understand something, each HOH competition is a battle between the remaining houseguest except the previous HOH and whoever wins the HOH should have the power to nominate who they want and almost get one of those two HG’s evicted. So no one else should have that power to overthrow the HOH and nominate who they want.

What would Jeff do with the Coup D’etat?
On Thursday night eviction show, now the Thursday night eviction show is normally live, however since Chima make a few threats about what she might/is going to do on the live show if the power is used including something with the CBS getting in trouble with the FCC, Big Brother decided to tape delay the show by from what I heard 4 hours. That move by Big Brother would pay off big as we later found out.

In watching the eviction show, I have to admit that I was sitting their hoping Jeff would use the Coup D’etat power to make a game changing power…and he surely didn’t disappoint. When Julie said would the Houseguest with the Coup D’etat power stand if they want to use it (I don’t remember the exact phase), Jeff stood and you could tell Jessie knew he was in trouble and Chima was living.

Jeff was first asked if he wanted to take Lydia from the block, Jeff said “yes”, he replaced her with Natalie, second would you like to take Russell off the block? Jeff said “yes”, he replaced him with Jessie. I had a feeling judging by the conversations in the backyard that Jeff had with Jordon that that was exactly what he was planning on doing.

Jeff put up the two most powerful players, perfect. Of course the end result was by a vote of 3-2, Jessie would be evicted from the Big Brother House. After Jessie’s evicted, Jeff said I kept my promise and Chima said "Looks like me and the producers need to have a little bit of a talk,"

Now I want to say something here and I know I will have a few people that hate this, but while I didn’t like the Coup D’etat power, first this game needed a blockbuster event to happen, something that would not only keep the fans interested, but shack the game up and it did. Second, as much as I don’t like Natalie, if she would have been evicted, it wouldn’t have sit well with me because it would have been a direct result of the Coup D’etat power.

I felt like the Coup D’etat power was overkill, however knowing I feel about the 13th houseguest, since Jessie (the 13th houseguest) was evicted, I was thrilled. In my opinion, I hated the 13th houseguest concept, I believe that Jessie had no business neither receiving a second chance at the Big Brother game nor being HOH the first time out. It made for an unfair advantage for the Athletes and in the end, America had a hand in getting him evicted because we gave the right person the power.

Following Jeff using the Coup D’etat power, the show later showed Chima going off on Jeff for using the power. I thought that was wrong, Jeff was given a chance to make a power move to benefit him, it’s not Jeff’s fault that the power was something new and so game changing, in my book, he had no choice but to use it, otherwise he was going home soon. If Chima had it, if Jessie had it, if Natalie or anyone else, they would have used it and don’t say you would have, perfect move by Jeff, hats off to you.

Words of the game, the guy [Jessie] is still alive, he got just evicted, amazing, they [Chima, Lydia and Natalie] didn’t cry over the other four houseguests who had been evicted.

What a power shift…
When a contractor builds a building with the columns below it that supports the entire building and someone cuts on column, you will begin to see cracks and in this case BB fans could start to see cracks in the power alliance (Jessie, Natalie, Chima and possibly Lydia) once Jessie was evicted.

Once Jessie was gone and Michelle had not only won the HOH, but nominated Chima and Natalie, the power began to shift from what was once a powerful alliance to the other side (the have not’s in some case) of the house which partly lead to what Big Brother called the self-destruction and eviction of a houseguest, yes Chima.

For the 3rd time in 11 seasons, Big Brother had to ask someone to leave the game, if Big Brother asks you to leave/expels/evictions you, you have done several things that is wrong and in this case, throw your microphone pack into the hot tub, will not go to diary room when called, put a sheet over a camera and so on, your done period.

I have to say once I read the CBS statement that said "Chima has been evicted by the producers from the Big Brother house for violating the rules. She will not be part of the show's jury. Her eviction will be addressed on an upcoming broadcast of the show", my first thoughts were goodbye, you were getting evicted anyway this week, next.

Well after Chima was evicted/asked to leave/expelled, Michelle’s HOH reign was over; she did what she wanted to do. I wasn’t entirely surprised that Big Brother decided to have another HOH competition later that week, because there was going to be a double-eviction on Thursday night anyway, so why not just move the HOH comp up a few days.

In the HOH competition, I have to say that Jeff threw the competition so Jordon could win and get a letter from home. That wasn’t the first Jeff threw up an HOH competition, in my opinion, it was a game move – Jeff doesn’t want to draw so much attention to himself.

With that move, Jordon would put up Lydia and Natalie on the block for eviction and after Jordon won the POV, kept the nominations the same, Lydia was evicted by a vote of 3-1.

What’s next in the Big Brother house?
Well, now its Jeff, Jordon and Michelle in an alliance with Russell as a wildcard and Kevin and Natalie on their own with really no alliances or deals, of course I wouldn’t be surprised to see Natalie and Kevin form an alliance. Whoever the HOH is this week, that person is going to have put somebody up and I think if Russell doesn’t get HOH (same for Natalie), Russell and Natalie will go up on the block.

I will leave you with this, I think the final two will be Jordon and Jeff with most likely Jordon winning Big Brother 11, do you agree?

Disclaimer: I know who the HOH is for this week, I watching last night’s BBAD feed and it showed the houseguests discussing who won HOH at length, but that persons HOH room.

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