Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Taking in NASCAR RaceDay live on SPEED at New Hampshire Motor Speedway in person.

(This photo was taken by me at the beginning of NASCAR RaceDay live on SPEED, the people are watching the show on the big screen over to the left and yes, somebody brought an American Flag, the flag in the photo, makes the photo really cool.)

This past weekend, I took in the Lenox Tools 301 at New Hampshire Motor Speedway, my first Sunday Cup Series race and what a day I had. In this Part 1 of 3, I will talk about one aspect of the NASCAR experience, taking in NASCAR RaceDay live on SPEED a few hours before the race itself (10:30am – 12:30pm, the green flag was at 2:17pm).

In taking in the Lenox Tools 301 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race in New Hampshire, we left the house around 5:20am and got to the track at about 7:30am (which normally is a 2 ½ to about 3 hours driving with traffic), but in getting there so early, we had very few things to do, so after visiting the trailers, finding our seats on the other side of the speedway, we decided to attend the NASCAR RaceDay Live on SPEED.

This is a two-hour show that is entertaining to watch on television, however it is completely different two watch live in person. When you stand there for two-hour’s straight, it’s a long, but exciting to watch.

Before the show, Kenny Wallace starts by getting the crowd going by asking them who’s going to win the race? Who’s your favorite driver - Kyle Busch, Kurt Busch, Tony Stewart, Ryan Newman, Jeff Gordon, Jimmie Johnson, and Dale Earnhardt Jr. (Dale Jr. got the crowd going) and so on…

Of course Jimmy Spencer and John Roberts come out as well to entertain the crowd too. Just before the show, two ladies and one guy will come out, pump up the crowd, tell them to look at the moving camera, make a lot of noice and enjoy the show on the big screen on the side.

What a show these guys put on, two-hours of stories, interviews, talking with the fans, drivers, temas, owners, anyone around, everything.

All throughout the show, the crowd was making noice, jumping up and down, waving their hands, showing off their signs which some people had, I didn’t like getting hit by a sign every now and then especially when you are trying to get on television, but it’s fun nonetheless. It took me awhile to really get into it, I don’t normally jump up and down, scream, everything, but I did get into it waving my Dale Jr. National Guard #88 blue and white hat around especially for free stuff. If you get a smile on my face, you’ve got my attention, don’t push it.

During the commercials, the people will come out to pump up the crowd and give away free gifts. I tried so hard to get a Home Depot helmet, I wanted one and signed by Kenny Wallace if possible (not for ebay, but for my collection and to wear the rest of the day), but I just couldn’t get one, however they also throw out t-shirts, hats and beads. Amazingly enough I did manage to catch some red beads, of course I traded them to a cute girl from some black ones (she asked, besides I prefer black ones).

(This photo was taken by me around 12:20pm, 10 minutes before the end of the show, yes we managed to get near the front of the crowd, people left, you move up. From left to right on the stage was Kenny Wallace, Jimmie Spencer, John Roberts and Hermie Sadler.)

By the end of the show, I managed to make my way up to front for the final 10 minutes of the show and love it, however also by the end of the show and since I had been on my feet since about 7:30am, I was beat, but what a show to watching in person, loved it.

Hats off to everybody with the RaceDay show, they do a good job, of course I will say that my father (who was with me, yes he is a race fan and blogger) didn’t like it as much, it’s not his thing and I’m not sure he would do it again, but I would and will if I go back in September or next June.