Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Speedlinking: Jeremy Mayfield vs. NASCAR, Eating while driving, why online and why not a higher gas tax?

Welcome back ladies and gentlemen, it was some weekend for me and yet in to some degree I am still get over it. Last Saturday I helped (one of many people on hand) move my auntie and uncle out of their house up here in Massachusetts which left me sour. Sunday, I attended my third wedding in two years, first my cousin got married in August 2007, my sister got married in Dec 2008 and this past weekend my cousin Becky got married to a nice guy, congratulations to both Becky and Rob on married.

Anyway, now that its Wednesday and I have finally gotten back into the grove of thing and catching up on everything going online from NASCAR and Automobiles to Big Brother and beyond, it’s time for another edition of five wide, here’s what I am reading today.

1. In NASCAR right now, there is one story off track that is stealing all of the headlines and getting the most attention, yes Jeremy Mayfield vs. NASCAR. Now personally I don’t comment on lawsuits, because it’s the perfect way for one to get suited themselves, however that doesn’t mean that I can’t point out an interesting article that was published last week that I think people should read, check it out it’s called “JENSEN: Mayfield’s Mayhem Tarnishes Sport”.

2. Now that we have cleared that NASCAR story, how about something entirely different, KickingTires has an article called “Ten Foods Insurance Companies Don't Want You to Eat While Driving”. What a list, personally I hate to eat while I drive, adjust the radio, or deal with a cell phone for that matter, but what do you eat while you drive? I know a lot of people who drink coffee while they drive, guess what its number one on the list.

3. Over at ProBlogger, he has an article I recently re-tweeted because I believe that it is worth reading for bloggers and advertisers. The article is called “22 Why Reasons People Go Online: Which is Your Blog Connecting With?” In essence it surveys those going online on the reasons that they go online.

4. If you’re into car shows, you might want to take a quick break sometime today to check out a few photos from the 2009 Bay State Antique Auto Club Show (and here too) in Dedham, Massachusetts, I also love to see a cool classic Mustang.

5. Finally I leave you with a debate that I’m sure with rage on for months and years to come until the next fuel comes along, “Why not a higher gas tax?” I will be in part fueling this debate later, however where do you stand right now on it?

Well, what do think, anything above that interests you or do know of something different, comment below and remember, just enabled “U Comment – I Follow”, yeah I know I am a little late, but evolving you blog is part of blogging, you have to keep up with times.