Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Speedlinking: Goodwood Festival of Speed, MWR, Gas Tax helping GM and Carrie Underwood question.

Welcome back ladies and gentlemen, today I’m talking five wide, a regular column of mine that details five articles, stories or posts throughout the internet that I’ve read within the past few days. The way I look at it, I just re-tweeted five articles that I liked, just in one article and more than 140 characters, anyway, let’s get right into it:

1. Michael Waltrip Racing’s announcement: Earlier today, Michael Waltrip Racing and sponsor NAPA announced that Michael Waltrip would step down as a full-time driver and drive a part-time schedule which includes The Daytona 500 in the #55 NAPA Toyota. This was not a big surprise, personally I think Michael should drive full-time in the Nationwide Series too.

However one of the biggest names (at least in the Nationwide Series) to come along in recent years, Martin Truex Jr. announced that he will drive the #56 NAPA Auto Parts Toyota full-time in 2010 and beyond. It was interesting to see the #56 on his car, that number 56 was the number he drove throughout his early career before coming to NASCAR in what is now the Nationwide Series and teh number was his father's too.

2. Over in England at the 2009 Goodwood Festival of Speed, NASCAR was well represented with several NASCAR drivers and former champions cars making laps around the track and while seeing former Truck Series champion Mike Skinner driving the #83 Red Bull Toyota, former NASCAR Cup Series champion Rusty Wallace in his #2 Miller Lite Dodge and Hendrick Motorsports driver Landon Cassill driving the #24 T-Rex Chevrolet, it was great seeing photos of Dale Earnhardt’s famous #3 GM Goodwrench Chevrolet that Dale drove to his last win at Talladega in 2000 drive under the bridge by his daughter Taylor Earnhardt.

(Photo Credit: All three photos from the Goodwood Festival of Speed in England were taken by Peter Fox/Getty Images for NASCAR)

But if you’re not a NASCAR fan, have no fear, other forms of Motorsports including Formula 1 were well represented at the 2009 Goodwood Festival of Speed and Autoblog has the gallery and what a gallery it is.

3. Let me say right from the start, I am currently working on a Coke Zero 400 article, however I just couldn’t resist highlighting what the Daly Planet had to say about the Coke Zero 400 at Daytona that was live on TNT. It looks like it has taken many NASCAR fans a while to come around to NASCAR on TNT, but for the Daly Planet they seemed to have loved the broadcast from start to finish and I have to say, I completely agree.

I hope NASCAR watched last Saturday’s night’s race on TNT, because I want that Wide-Open coverage on all networks (FOX, TNT and ESPN/ABC), it was exactly what the broadcast needed and so was Ralph Sheheen in the booth, welcome to NASCAR Ralph, good job in the booth, now hopefully TNT will give him the job full time in booth next season too.

4. WSJ Column: Higher gas taxes better strategy than CAFE to save GM: Over at Autoblog Green, they highlight a WSJ column on higher gas taxes could help GM, however I was more surprised to see the gas tax on diesel fuel was so high compared to gasoline and no taxes on ethanol. It seems to me that the only way to fix the United State’s dependent on foreign oil may just start with diesel fuel considering its 30% better mileage, the gas tax should be straight even across the board, of course that would require diesel fuel gas tax to drop, gasoline tax to stay the same and ethanol to get the same tax as gasoline and diesel.

What about ethanol, it’s the answer for our dependents on foreign oil alright, but NOT for the auto industry, no ethanol is for motorsports like the IRL IndyCar Series, ALMS, and NASCAR should look at it too. BTW: Don’t touch the gas tax Massachusetts or Federal government that would be a dangerous move in any economy, especially this tough economy we have right now, give automakers and consumers the chance to use diesel fuel and if diesel fuel prices go down, so does transportation prices on our goods.

5. Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood duet? I came across an article here that highlights the talk on Carrie Underwood’s forum here that Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood could possibly do a duet together in the future. Since I don’t care much for rumors nor rarely report on them, you might be wondering why I would even mention it? Well specking as both a country music fan and a especially as a Carrie Underwood fan, just about any duet she does or song she sings sounds good to me, what an amazing voice she has and cute too.