Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Taylor Swift, Brad Paisley, Sugarland, and Rascal Flatts takes top honors at 2009 CMT Music Awards.

Well ladies and gentlemen, if you are a country music fan, chances are this is your night, it’s the 2009 CMT Music Awards in Nashville and it is a star-studded night with most of country music’s elite (including Taylor Swift, Trace Adkins, Rascal Flatts, Sugarland, Keith Urban, Brad Paisley just to name a few) coming out to enjoy a night filled of awards that unlike most award shows, these are voted on by the fans and some incredible performances.

As a country music fan, when I watch the awards shows, the biggest part that seems to pop out at me has to be the performances. I mean what is better than seeing Carrie Underwood back in 2007 perform “Before He Cheats”, Rascal Flatts in the show perform one of my favorite songs “Life is a Highway” or even better, last year watching Taylor Swift do an amazing performance of “Picture to Burn”, what’s next?

However when I describe the 2009 CMT Music Awards I have to say that the show wasn’t about the performances to me tonight (I mean granted the performances were good, but not like in years past), but rather the night was mainly about the who won what awards, and that’s not normally me to say that.

You know I had to ask the question of what’s next and yes I was warned a head of time of Taylor Swift’s “Dream” – NFL player, rapper (yes I saw the photos, but who is T-pain?) and being in the already released Star Trek movie and above all else hosting the CMT Music awards. It doesn’t surprise me that the show started off with one country music’s raising stars (and a huge favorite of mine) Taylor Swift, but the rap video, the dreams, was a little over the top for me and then of course in the same category you had Bill Engvall (normally very entertaining with me), but over the top as well tonight.

Nevertheless, the performances are still key here, just like at most award shows and one that caught me by surprise had to be Sugarland singing “Love Shack” with the B52’s. That wasn’t what I expected at all, but not bad either, it worked, especially when you have Jennifer singing Love shack, what a voice. I have been really getting into Keith Urban as of late from his performance at the 2009 Daytona 500 to me buying his 18 kids album and his specials on another network, I can even see him singing “Country Girl” with Jason Alden.

One performance that I liked came from Lady A when they performed “Lookin’ for a good time’, the performance was something of a live video if you will because it was the same right down to Hilary wearing that blue shredded dress.

However like I said in the beginning, for 2009, the award show was mostly about who won what award and there were a lot to give out, but with country music, you always have those few categories that even before their names and songs are called, you pretty much have know who’s going to win from Sugarland wining Duo Video of the Year for “All I Want To”, Brad Paisley winning Male Video of the year for “Waitin’ in a women” to Rascal Flatts winning Group Video of the year for “Every Day”. In all three categories from Duo, the first Duo I think of is Sugarland hands down, and the same goes for Brad Paisley in the Male category and especially Rascal Flatts for group of the year, all three are the best in their categories.

On the flip side you have a few categories that are closer starting with Female Video of the year with Taylor Swift winning for “Love Story”, yes I believe in Love Stories. The category was a tossup because you can’t out Carrie Underwood “Just a Dream”, see’s amazing in that video. And of course Collaborative Video of the year, there were a few choices in there as well, but a sure fire pick had to be Brad Paisley with Keith Urban “Start a band”, good music video and song.

But what would it be an awards show without a few surprises starting with Breakthrough video of the year, the Zack Brown Band “Chicken Fried”, that one is huge for them. My father loves this song, he has it as a ringtone on his cell phone or Wide open county video of the year won by Kid Rock for “All summer long” (although I will say that I voted for Taylor Swift and Def Leppard, but the Kid Rock song even got my father’s attention as well and that’s not easy to do.)

Right down to CMT performance of the year which went to the performance on CMT Giants: Alan Jackson, Derks Bentley, Brad Paisley and George Strait for “Country Boy”. I watched this CMT Giants one and saw the video, it’s always cool to see some big names come together and sing a country song.

(Photo Credit: Gloriana Website)

One award I left off is a little personal to me, everyone has their favorites and while mine does include mainly Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood, it also includes a new band that I believe will be big this time next year, Gloriana, they won the “Nationwide on your side award” for one great song “Wild at Heart”.

Well every show must come to an end and this one award is huge, Video of the year that no one know the results of because fans were still voting for it right up to the last minute and the top honors goes to Taylor Swift for “Love Story”. Perfect! Of course if Carrie Underwood for “Just a Dream” that would have been just as perfect!

Now I leave you with two things:
First Taylor Swift performing “You belong with me”, good song, However I am more use to the white dress for Taylor and it would have helped if the telecast didn’t screw up during this performance with the audio. And on the same grounds, Taylor Swift and Def Leppard recreating their CMT Crossroads by performing “Pour Some Sugar On Me”. I liked the CMT crossroads. But not the rap video with T-Pain.

Second, what is award show without at least a performance by Carrie Underwood, what gives?