Thursday, June 18, 2009

Speedlinking: NASCAR, Pony Cars, Alternative fuels and the Boston Globe, what a five wide this week.

In the course of a week, I read several articles from life stories, NASCAR news, Motorsports, the auto industry and more to politics on a daily basis, today, in this edition of “five wide”, I want to share what I am reading along with a few thoughts on each article, welcome to five wide…get it five articles, five wide.

Pony cars coming to NASCAR: Fox Sports is reporting that NASCAR looks to be bringing pony cars to the NASCAR Nationwide Series with the new Nationwide COT car. You know the Ford Mustang and the Dodge Challenger, however Chevrolet will not be running the Camaro, instead it will be the Impala and Toyota doesn’t have a two-door coupe, so they will run the Camry. One question: Why the Nationwide Series and not updated cars in the Sprint Cup Series?

GM's cuts in Truck, N'wide heighten carmaker stress: General Motors is cutting manufacturer support to the Nationwide and Truck Series teams. This isn’t a surprise to me at all, the Nationwide Series and the Truck Series both have issues and at the same time, GM has to make cuts, however I have to wonder, how long will Ford and Toyota continue in these two series? I’m not sure if Dodge still does manufacturer support in the Nationwide Series, but none in Truck Series.

Autoline on Autoblog with John McElroy: IT'S A FUEL PROBLEM, NOT A FUEL ECONOMY PROBLEM: This article was published back in April, however I believe it should be repeated and all I am going to say is “Let's get something straight. Oil is a poison.”

Diesels finish 1,2,3 again at 24 Hours of Le Mans!: Personal I’m a fan of the Audi, however it was nice seeing the Peugeot win too and it also shows that diesel in motorsports is not only possible, but completely do able and that is cool to see, of course if only NASCAR would look at ethanol or bio-diesel to run in all their series, that would be huge and huge for the manufacturers as well. Can you imagine a NASCAR COT racecar running on 100% ethanol made with waste or corn stock, just one question: what would the racecar sound like? To some racing fans, the sound of a V-8 gasoline engine is part of racing, no one wants silence at a racetrack.

Boston Globe's future remains uncertain as negotiations continue (read about here) I understand that jobs on the line here, however should the Boston Globe really be saved? First Boston already has the Boston Herald, do we need two newspapers in this economy and are people really buying newspapers anymore? I know in this household, it’s only the Sunday newspaper we get now, if we want weekdays, we will buy the newspaper online instead.

Any thoughts?