Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Speedlinking: NASCAR, F1 vs. FOTA’s New Series and Blogging to a simple father’s day car show.

Well here we are for my third edition, however some of you may be saying third edition, where was the first two? Originally I had been blogging over at BrandingBrian for this column, however I have on Saturday, I decided to changed that blog into a spinoff of RaceDriven (which includes bringing all of the previous posts over where they belong) to BrandingBrian.net, a dose of photography site and future expansion site for me, in less than a day, the change has resulted in been huge.

Anyway, welcome to five wide, a look at what I have been reading within the last few days (mainly this time over the weekend) and what I am thinking about each article.

1. Father's Day, 90210 style: The 2009 Rodeo Drive Concours d'Elegance: First up, is for all of the Father’s after last Sunday, Happy Father’s Day, I know that my father wanted to go to a car show yesterday, however it was raining, so that didn’t happen, but pictures are always good, so check out the gallery and enjoy some gullwing’s, classic Ferrari’s, classic Mustangs and more…enjoy.

Of course if you want something from the east coast from back at the beginning of June, then check out the photography from the 2009 Greenwich Concours d’Elegance: The British, the Aston Martin gets my attention.

2. BREAKING: Formula 1 Teams Association announces breakaway series for 2010: This really going to happen, eight Formula 1 teams breaking away from F1 to create a rival series? No, we have watched this movie before, someone gets too powerful or I should two people in this case (you know who they are, I don’t need to say it), thinks they are all that and doesn’t want to make things better, but instead run things like dictatorship, instead of making the series better (hint, hint parade), eight teams, in this case Ferrari, Renault, Red Bull, Toyota, just to name a few, have had enough and are threatening to start their own F1 Series, already have a new name, a 17-race calendar and more, and yet this in my opinion isn’t going to happen if the FIA is smart. Otherwise, say goodbye to Formula 1 and the new rival series in a few years, just like CART is dead and so will the IRL by 2013, what a shame and all this because one big ego guy decides he knows best and has money or so that person thinks.

3. Truck and Nationwide Series TV networks Awaiting Rules Changes: I read this one yesterday afternoon and this was spot on, the Truck Series race to me wasn’t that entertaining, I mean when you have less than 15 trucks on the lead lap, that’s sad. As for the Nationwide Series race, I am so tired of the Kyle Busch vs. Carl Edwards show, this is ridiculous to watch, every time these two show up, which is every race in 2009, it’s all about them, I mean I like Carl Edwards, but damn. Well at least they had to start from the rear, but they were in the top 10 somewhere around 60 laps in, I don’t know what ESPN can do with their coverage, but the double-file restarts would help there too (as well as the Nationwide Series.)

4. Share What You Love/Hate About Blogging: I have to say, what I love about blogging is somebody is listening or reading my thoughts on any given subject. Right now, blogs are widely searched for information and it’s amazing what you can read on them and yes NASCAR is one huge subject. The power is amazing too. What I hate about it and one comment in this article hit the nail on the head, which went something like, blogs are like children they demand consistent attention, but too me, it’s not just putting up content a few times a week to several times a day (I prefer a few times a week if possible), it’s the site maintenance, links, answering emails, basically customer service, it’s tough to keep up with. All I got to say is Team blogs, it’s still a good idea.

5. What In The (Expletive) Is Going On?!?!, from the NASCAR Insiders, yes it’s on NASCAR and the Monday morning chatter, just read it, that’s all I am going to say.

Well, until next time, have a nice day and be sure to check back not only here at RaceDriven.com for articles/posting, but also check out my new site over at BrandingBrian.net, a dose of photography site, it’s a sight to see.