Thursday, June 18, 2009

It’s never over until it’s over – perfect example Joey Logano wins in Kentucky and Braun wins in Michigan.

You always have to say, what happened and in this case, in both the Nationwide Series race at Kentucky Speedway and the Truck Series race at Michigan, both races showed that even thou a driver dominates the race, the race is never over until the checkered flag is waved and you cross the finish line.

Let’s start with the Truck Series race at Michigan International Speedway, lost in all of the talk of GM cutting support to both the Truck Series and the Nationwide Series, there was an interesting race going on on-track for the Truck Series, however when Kyle Busch is leading and dominating the race, some NASCAR fans tend to change the channel, but I’ve learned that is not a good idea, because a race can change in just one lap and it sure did when a lap car racing on the middle to bottom trying to get out of the way of the leaders lead to Busch going below, which slowed Busch down, that lead to Colin Braun going to the outside, making the pass and going on to capture his first Truck Series victory and Roush’s 50th Truck Series victory.

Amazingly enough later that night in the Nationwide Series race at Kentucky Speedway, a similar thing happened and yet to the same person, NASCAR’s bad boy Kyle Busch lead 162 laps, however in the final laps, Joey Logano made the pass that may where waiting for and went on to win his second Kentucky Nationwide Series race in a row.

Joey Logano NASCAR Nationwide Series Champion Interview – Kentucky Speedway If Kentucky Speedway were a lady, Joey Logano would be proposing because the two certainly have a major love affair going on. He’s now run two Nationwide Series races on the 1.5-mile track, both times he captured the pole position, then wound up in victory lane. Last year Logano won when Kyle Busch crashed. This time after an eight-minute red flag following Mike Bliss’s wreck, the 19-year-old blew by Busch with 10 to go and then drove away to a 1.6 second win, over his Joe Gibbs Racing teammate, who led 162 laps to Logano’s 20.

Joey Logano: Yeah, I was sitting there in the red flag and I was thinking what do I need to beat Kyle Busch. That’s one of the hardest things in NASCAR. I was sitting there thinking and I knew I had a really fast racecar so I just kind of sat there and I thought about it, got the green state within a car length and got closer and closer, finally I was able to work around to get to him, he went off the track a little bit at the same time and I was able to get there. That’s the only way I was going to be able to pass him was to have a run and have him slip up a little bit, so that’s what I was able to have, got underneath him once he got that clean air his game, it seems, was gone.

All that happening, after Logano had to make a come back, from an early race pit road speeding penalty.

Logano: I just had to be patient, that was the biggest deal but you had to be aggressive at the same time. You get back there and that’s how you get caught up wrecks so you know get by him as quick as I can but don’t put my car in a really bad position. For the most part I was just smart getting up through there, knowing how good of a car I had.

Coming home third, another guy who was busted for speeding, Brad Keselowski.

Brad Keselowski: Either the cone was not in the proper place or the speed trap was not calibrated right because there’s no way when you go all the way down pit road, at the same speed, that you can be speeding in one and not the other. You’d be speeding in all of them, much like if you were going down the freeway at 45 than you’re going to be speeding in every segment. And I know I held a consistent speed down pit road so something was off on that last box.

On the night NASCAR issued what has to be a record 27 speeding penalties. Nailing Carl Edwards at one point three times but for those who said NASCAR had to have some sort of technical glitch, Nationwide Series Director Joe Balash explained.

Joe Balash: We’re very confident in our scoring system on pit road tonight. We didn’t see any issues with the data. There were a number of pit road speeding penalties tonight. Not all penalties were in the same location. They were spread out throughout pit road and some of the pit road speeding penalties were very close.

Finishing fourth was Brendan Gaughan and right behind him fellow rookie Justin Allgaier.

Justin Allgaier: We had to come back from some adversity; we got caught speeding on pit road. It was really unfortunate because we were actually getting past when we were a bunch of us speeding so we just ran out of tires and car right there at the very end and it’s a shame because we felt like we should have really finished third but to come out of here fifth, getting the points we’ve gotten, all in all a great night and glad to be done with Kentucky but ready to come back here too as well.

Sixth to 10 at the finish were Jason Leffler, Michael Annett, Burney Lamar, Ricky Stenhouse Jr. and Kelly Bires. Eleven to 15: Erik Darnell, Trevor Bayne, Scott Lagasse Jr., Steve Wallace and Kevin Conway. Carl Edwards came home 30th but losing three laps because of the three speeding penalties and now trails Kyle Busch by 137 points in the battle for the Nationwide Series Championship. Brad Keselowski is third minus 208 and just 10 behind him is Jason Leffler. There have now been nine Nationwide Series races at Kentucky Speedway, with Joey Logano the first repeat winner and the first, to get two checkered flags in a row.

Logano: To win two for two here that’s really cool for me and the whole team here. I guess that’s the first time anyone has ever done that here. It’s pretty neat, you know we got two poles two wins, perfect record here so that’s pretty cool. –

After reading the interview above, I have to say that I was very surprised that there was 27 speeding penalties issued during this race, two or three to Carl Edwards along. Of course for Carl Edwards, I am thinking that either NASCAR had a problem down at the end or Edward's tack was set wrong, honestly not all of the penalties were in the same spot, but 27 speeding penalties is alot, are these drivers really going to the ragged edge on the pit road speed? I'm thinking they are, but NASCAR does need to look at the data and explain it to the drivers and the fans this weekend at The Milwaukee Mile of what they saw.

Just remember NASCAR fans, in racing, the race is never over until the checkered flag flies and you cross the finish line, congratulations to both Colin Braun for winning his first Truck Series victory and to Joey Logano his second straight Nationwide Series race at Kentucky Speedway, now it’s off to The Milwaukee Mile for a Truck Series and Nationwide Series double header, while the Cup Series is turning both left and right on the road course in Sonoma, this should be interesting with the Cup Series double duty drivers.