Saturday, June 13, 2009

It will always be Kyle Busch with his fans vs. Dale Earnhardt Jr. with JR Nation, for 2009 anyway.

Week after week, it’s very rare that the media doesn’t talk about Kyle Busch and/or Dale Earnhardt Jr. for anything from performance issues and anything else for that matter, however over the past few weeks in NASCAR, the talk has seem to have included Kyle Busch making unique statements about either Dale Jr. or JR Nation (Dale Jr’s fans which includes me) and Kyle’s comments are normally taking a smack at Junior.

However now we have more every since Kyle Busch smashed a Gibson guitar trophy that he won after of course winning for the first time I think at Nashville Superspeedway in the NASCAR Nationwide Series last weekend. I have watched the video a few times, who could miss it on television these days let along pictures of it on internet, oh wait here’s one in this posting and what a sight it is.

My reaction to Kyle Busch’s new victory lane celebration: Personally as not only a NASCAR fan, but also a country music fan, I am bothered by it, I am more of a person who goes for tradion. Gibson Guitars are American Made works of art, when you get one no matter if you buy one or be so lucky to win one like in this case you don’t smash it and I take offense to that whether its Kyle Busch or another driver.

The idea that a driver or something with the team would find this entertaining or a good way to celebrate is wrong in my opinion, I have no idea if I am the only one or not, but this is how I feel. It would be like somebody winning a Cup Series race Martinsville for example. The winner receives a beautiful grandfather clock, would sight, what a heavy clock too and then smashing it into pieces. Granted he said he did it (smashed the guitar) to give every member of his team a piece, it’s a piece of the victory, in that case buy one for each person, but nope we have to smash it and with the grandfather I wouldn’t like it one bit neither.

The same could be said if you win a Daytona 500 trophy, an Indy 500 trophy, you get the point, it doesn’t matter it’s wrong to me. Basically which side are you on: Is it tradition and respect vs. it’s the winner’s trophy and he/she can do what they want with it? Like I said for me, I didn’t like, you’re suppose to save the trophy, treasure it, not smash it or attempt to anyway, but that’s it.

One thing on Kyle, I believe Kyle Busch has a chip on his shoulder (not only for Dale Jr,) because he was let go from Hendrick Motorsports to allow room for Dale Earnhardt Jr., but I think he shouldn’t, Kyle Busch should be happy driving for Gibbs, if you think about Hendrick did he a favor, Kyle Busch wasn’t much at Hendrick Motorsports at that time, now however while Denny Hamlin is the senior driver at Gibbs, Kyle Busch is the best in the stable (most victories included), of course he needs to act more professionally, for starters, do interviews whether he wins, losses or wrecks.

As for the aftermath, Kyle Busch’s comments at Michigan: Kyle said he don’t regret it, he thought it was fun. He said Friday that he only heard one negative comment about it up at the late model race at Berlin Speedway, from a fan in Berlin Michigan “hay don’t go out and break any more guitars.”

"Everybody else out there -- 99.99 percent of them -- were for it. They thought it was great. I'm not going to speak on behalf of (team president) J.D. (Gibbs) but I believe he told me he thought it was cool and that his kids were blown away by it, like they thought it was awesome," Busch said. "It was fun," he said. "A lot of people enjoyed it, thought it was different. Sport's not so vanilla. A lot of people hated it. I guess those are the ones with 88 tattooed on their arms -- or maybe stills 8s. I don't know which."

Which let to a comment about him and Dale Jr, said Busch: "I've got no issues with Junior. It's his fans that are crazy."

Now it was Dale Jr’s turn as he was asked by a reporter to comment: "I think the guy is just trying to direct a lot of people to his website or to his column and generate ad revenue for said website I suppose," Earnhardt said. "I really don't see how that argument really is that relevant to anything and I don't even know really what kind of problem he has or what kind of solution he wants. I don't really get into it. My fans will handle themselves. They're good people."

All I really have to say is, first I don’t agree with it (smashing the trophy – Gibson guitar) and second, Junior is right, his fans can take care of themselves, I can take care of myself.

- Hat tip to Blog of tomorrow for the comments, of course I heard the audio too. (Photo Credit: Chris Graythen/Getty Images for NASCAR via NASCAR PR)