Monday, June 29, 2009

Is blogging dead, is Lifestreaming the future?

When I woke up this morning and started reading several blogs, I started noticing your normal Monday morning chatter and yet something different called Lifestreaming.

Let me state the obvious, first, is blogging is dead? Even with the impact of Twitter, Facebook and more, no it’s not dead, one blogger said it the best, “it just needs a reboot.” Blogging though is getting bigger everyday and more and more people are doing, and loving it. I love blogging on a weekly plus basis, not daily though, writing a large number of articles/posts is hard to do, but it’s a passion of mine, not to mention is a good therapy for everyday.

Blogging is writing on just one subject or niche to several subjects or niche regularly, it’s sharing your thoughts (opinions) on that subject, what you thought about it whether its sports, NASCAR, automobiles, celebrities, events, to how to blog period, it’s not for everybody, but it’s fun.

With blogging, people are looking for ways to make it easier, using an iphone for one, I am too looking to use my cell phone. I have been blogging here at RaceDriven for over four years now and I have no plans on stopping, but changing with the time is reality which including using Facebook and Twitter as tool, I use Twitter and MySpace, sorry no Facebook.

Second I had never really heard of Lifestream, a service called Posterous or I just never paid any attention to it. Now while I was read several blogs, I came across a posting entitled “Steve Rubel Quits Blogging” over at the Blog Herald, basically Steve Rebel has decided to quit blogging and create a Lifestream using Posterous. His site on Posterous looks interesting and he has it linked to his old blog which he has evolved, personally if that’s what he wants, good luck to him, especially if it fits his needs, personally he hasn't quit blogging, so don't think that.

What is a lifestream or lifestreaming? In its simplest form it’s a chronological aggregated view of your life activities both online and offline. It is only limited by the content and sources that you use to define it. – Lifestream Blog

If you are using social media and online social networking like Twitter, Facebook, Friendfeed and more than you have most likely heard about, Lea Woodward says ”Lifestream is like a mini blog - updates on what I’m doing throughout the day, pics to prove it and sometimes random thoughts and feeling that pop into my head.” That’s what it is, that’s what it looks like and while I says good job to people who want to create a lifestream, it’s not for everybody, nor is it for me.

Personally while leaving blogging and just focusing mainly on sharing links (could be using Delicious – bookmarking), photos (maybe using flickr), videos (using YouTube), Music that you are listening to (like and most aspects of my day to day life (using Twitter, Facebook, and more which might including MySpace) and more (that’s sharing just about everything I doing regularly) is not for me, I have been thinking about the future as well.

For example, over the past several months, twice I have tried to start a second blog, first one was on New Year’s day using my real name as the URL (, the problem was simple time vs. using my name like that.

The second came at the beginning of the month (June 2009) with, that blog was originally to be a replacement for RaceDriven, but after doing some research especially with my advertisers and readers, I decided to remove that idea from the table and was thinking about building a photography blog, but it’s not me neither, so what now?

The lifestreaming seems like a pretty good idea to me however I want something more, something in between lifestreaming and blogging, so even though I use Twitter, MySpace, tried Facebook, but deactivated it, I will continue to blog while working on ways to evolve my online presence, but of course that is what I have been doing all alone through trial and error. My advice, people should try something that works for them and meets their needs whether its blogging, creating a Lifestream or something in the middle like me.

So, what do you think about Lifestreaming? Do you have a lifestream site? Do you have a blog? What do you think is the future of blogging and lifestreams?