Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Fiat completes takeover of Chrysler, so now will the Tano Nano and the Fiat 500 come to the U.S.?

First, we have been hearing about this deal between Fiat and Chrysler being in the works for weeks now, however even I don’t expect this deal to be done quite so soon, let along Chrysler being out of bankruptcy so soon, however according to New York times, once the supreme court declined to hear a challenge of the deal by three Indiana state funds and several consumer groups, that cleared the way for Chrysler to exit Bankruptcy, keep in that Chrysler was only in bankruptcy for 42 days and once done, Fiat put pen to paper, signed the deal and wired the money.

Beyond the entire Chrysler going into and coming out of bankruptcy in only 42 days, Fiat completely the takeover of Chrysler, what is going to happen next, for example when it comes to Chrysler building and selling cars and truck, the dealer network, what is going to happen with that part?

Second, one of the biggest questions on the internet right now has to do with the Tano Nano, not so much if Fiat brings the Nano to the United States, but who is going to buy it?

Tano Nano (Credit: Wikipedia)

As a consumer, I wouldn’t buy it at all, this is a cheap little car that doesn’t look all that appealing nor would I think that American’s would buy it either, granted that the Nano will have to be redesigned for the U.S. market and price tag will go up for sure, but I really don’t see this car in the US market long term. People should remember that the Smart is currently sold here in the United States, however what was once a very popular car, now isn’t so much, partly due to gasoline prices in my opinion, of course gasoline prices will change and change regularly.

However while I don’t believe in the Tano Nano, you might be surprised to know that I do think that this new deal could bring a few of Fiat’s cars over here to the U.S. starting with the Fiat 500. The Fiat 500 is sort of like the Mini Cooper and of course each vehicles has an S model as well. Mini Coopers have held their own in the United States, I do see a Mini Cooper around in Massachusetts from time to time and it’s a great pocked rocket. Very easy to add more power.

2010 Fiat 500 C (Credit:

So the Fiat 500 could be completing vehicles against the Cooper in sales, people do want something appealing, somewhat cheap, easy to tune and good fuel economy, no, the Nano doesn’t fit here. I will also say that the Fiat 500 looks simpler to the Cooper as well.

I might consider buying a Fiat 500 if it came to the states. The Fiat 500 is sort of like a Mini Cooper, I believe that there is too much different between the Cooper and the 500. If Fiat could bring a good supply of the Fiat 500 and Fiat 500 S to the US that could contend with the Mini Cooper in sales, who knows, I would be interested in seeing the Fiat 500 in the US.

Would you buy either a Tano Nano or a Fiat 500? On the Nano, MyFordDreams and The Auto Prophet both have an opinion, check it out.