Friday, June 5, 2009

American Chopper: OCC Natural Gas Chopper vs. E85 Chopper: Which one would you choose?

Even though I am not a huge American Chopper fan anymore, because the show has changed so much from what it once was, all about bike building to now just another drama filled reality show or a cookie cutter of the other reality shows on TLC, I still love what I lived before, the choppers.

Like I said on here “with the ever changing gasoline prices at gas station all over the United States and the talk of raising the gas tax from both Federal and State levels (Massachusetts for one), I believe that more vehicles whether its cars, muscle cars, trucks, SUV's, delivery vehicles and Mack Trucks could all be running on alternative fuels. The alternative fuels could be ethanol, E85, bio-diesel, natural gas, hydrogen (hydrogen might just be the United States best bet for the fuel), and even electric cars like a Tesla Motors, I love to see what people can build that uses an alternative fuels and in this case, Orange County Choppers first build an E85 chopper, now they have build what some are saying the first Natural Gas Chopper.”

So on that very subject, if you were shopping for a new alternative fuels chopper, you know something to get you away from just gasoline, which chopper would you pick?

First is the E85 Chopper that is powered by E85 (Credit:

Second is the Chesapeake Energy Chopper that is powered by Natural Gas (Credit: Motorcycle Forum)

Personally for me, to answer my own question, which chopper would I choose, I would have to say neither, because there is most likely only one or two natural gas filling station in Massachusetts and the same goes for E85 stations. So because of that, I love to choose a chopper powered by hydrogen, but again, no such luck, so I would have a custom built diesel. And no, Massachusetts doesn’t really have a bio-diesel pump either, I don’t know what we have for alternative fuels.