Monday, May 25, 2009

The US Postal Service should cut Saturday mail delivery instead of raising fees.

Let me state the obvious, I am not an expert on politics nor want to write on them, however when it comes to certain subjects within politics that effect your everyday life like mine, sometimes something just have to be said, so welcome to “My Take” on off-topics.

One of the most talked about subjects in the United States right now is the economy and here in the United States, it has hit us hard. The economy has brought everyone right down to reality, home prices are down, gasoline prices are once again raising, food prices are going up and the overall cost of living is going up while more and more people including me are unemployed. Even now, companies like banks and other business are raising fees to cover budget gaps.

So it should be no surprise that even the United States Postal Service is once again raising fees, however I am not the only one that has a few suggestions for the Post Office and what they should do. While surfing the internet, I came across a site called that discusses NASCAR racing, Massachusetts Politics and more. One of the articles touches on this very subject, the article in part reads:

With the latest US Postal Service rate hikes, the question is how much more will the public take. It may be time for drastic service cuts that have been long awaited.

So now the price of a first class postage stamp is up to 44 cents, unless you purchased the Forever Stamps back at 42 cents. It might be a good idea to purchase ahead at 44 cents, since the Postal Service is keeping the Forever Stamp, for now! Postcard stamps have also gone up from 26 cents to now 28 cents. But just how many people are even using the Postal Service on a regular basis. I think it's time for drastic cuts.

I believe that everything, about 98%, should be done weekdays only. That means drastic cuts that must be premium pay to Postal Employees. So, except for mail being moved by truck, train, or airplane, nothing should be done on the weekends.

1. Close all Post Offices on Saturdays and Sundays. Distribution Centers could have a small staff for accepting truck loads of mail, but it can be processed on weekdays. Building closings could save on heat, air conditioning, and electric for those days. Security may also be an exception.

2. No Saturday Mail Delivery. What do we really receive for mail on Saturday? Junk! Most postal workers could now have weekends off, eliminating any premium pay if offered… (Read Entire article)

I completely agree, but I do have to say that I don’t use the Post Office that much, but I would like to add a few things, first I use PayPal for my advertising on as one of two acceptable forms of payment, the other is money orders including Post Office money orders US funds only, so what about the Post Office creating a PayPal type service? If the fees are lower, good service and convenience is there, why not?

However the main item here is like the title says, the United States Postal Service should cut Saturday mail delivery, I am the one in the house that gets the mail everyday (except Sunday’s of course) from waiting on packages to going to the mailbox and while that is good exercise, going to the mailbox on a Saturday to get junk mail is a waste of time for me and a waste of time and money for the Postal Service, so instead of raising fees, try cutting service on Saturday’s instead? That means no Saturday mail delivery, no Post Offices open and only trucks, trains and Distribution Centers open with light staff.

This would be a huge help with the budget gab, not to mention having to make sure I get the mail on Saturday even though I may be busy on the weekends, think about it, does Saturday mail delivery mean all that much to you and what do you get every Saturday in the mailbox? Comment below.