Saturday, May 30, 2009

OCC builds the first Natural Gas powered chopper.

With the ever changing gasoline and diesel prices at gas station all over the United States and the talk of raising the gas tax from both Federal and State levels (Massachusetts for one), I believe that more vehicles whether its cars, muscle cars, trucks, SUV's, delivery vehicles and Mack Trucks could all be running on alternative fuels. The alternative fuels could be ethanol, E85, bio-diesel, natural gas, hydrogen (hydrogen might just be the United States best bet for the fuel), and even electric cars like a Tesla Motors, I love to see what people can build that uses an alternative fuels and in this case, Orange County Choppers first build an E85 chopper, now they have build what some are saying the first Natural Gas Chopper.

No details where released, however feel free to watch the video and more so, what do you think? If they were available, would you buy a natural gas powered chopper? I would consider it, especially if I could fill the tank in my garage.

(Source: Hat tip to and's CarTech Blog for the link to the video)