Thursday, April 30, 2009

Team Shelby wins Bullrun 2 on SPEED.

As I sit here moments after watching the season finale of Bullrun 2: One Helluva ride, let alone not only watching, but blogging on the entire 10 episode season, I have to say, that Bullrun 2 ended up being a lot like the first season of Bullrun two years ago, however while the cars and the people have somewhat changed, and more importantly, the format and the loopholes have changed too, the competition hasn’t changed and neither have the wild challenges and that’s all a good thing.

But one comment, hopefully there is a season 3 of Bullrun, but one thing I loved it in the first season was when the team with the overall slowest time in that driving leg before and after the challenge was sent packing, but no swapping of times, maybe a time bonus like in the finals did, that’s what gave the show that excitement, and not deciding it by the luck of a challenge. I don’t know how you would do it, but that’s what added that bit of excitement to legs and the show.

With that said, in this season, there were a few of those moments that just left you speckles, the challenges normally did just that, from the precision driving each team had to do whether it was either racing through a course, down a drag strip, turn around and go back through the course with a different driver, to the challenge that took each of the three competitors out of their cars and it to four-door sedans and drive around a muddy, snow covered track, to get the best lap time while dodge cop cars that stood in their way.

But the most memorable challenge had to be in episode 4, not so much for the challenge itself, but for the results. Three competitors, Team Avalanche, Team Dart and Team Evo, each raced into a prison, break their co-driver out of a prison cell, race through a dirt course and fly out a closed gate, and you must stay on course.

This one resulted in a team emerging as a contender, Team Avalanche, while at the same time, first Team Dart co-driver decides after a strong performance to celebrate by doing donuts in the dirt, but ends up flipping the car over, causing a lot of damage and yet brought out team work alone everyone trying to fix the Dodge Dart. But second, Team Evo’s quest for winning Bullrun came to an end when at the end of the challenge, the co-driver drove straight instead of turning, went air born and came down, nailing a cement block and totaled the front end of the Evo at high speed. Even if the Evo survived which they didn’t, they were eliminated, the car was not drivable. What an ending and at the same time, Team Avalanche took there place in many ways.

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Finally lets get to the business at hand, at the beginning of the night, I was wondering how the Bullrun champion was going to be crowned following the departure of Team VW as the final three were revealed on the last episode and I was surprised.

With Team VW gone, it was down to Team Avalanche vs. Team Corvette vs. Team Shelby, what a finale, in the beginning, I never would have though these three teams would be left standing. Team Avalanche emerged as another hated team if you will especially with Team Corvette, Team Corvette stayed in the back of the pack for a few driving legs before emerging as a top contender by winning driving legs. Team Shelby, hasn't won a leg, had navigating problems throughout the season and was almost eliminated in the first challenge and yet here we are.

The Bullrun 2 Champion would be decided the old fashion way, which team was the best in the legs, and not by luck in challenges. First the teams would race from Phoenix to the first checkpoint. This one left me laughing out loud, I couldn’t believe it, first Team Corvette takes mostly highway, granted a longer route, but less traffic lights, while the other teams took some highway and the shorter route with traffic lights.

Team Corvette was first to arrive, but just like all three teams, had some trouble finding the entrance to Bullrun checkpoint. The laughing had to do with Team Avalanche, these guys found the checkpoint alright, but you had to come in through the entrance and each time they missed the entrance. Team Corvette just standing there looking at them as Team Avalanche just kept getting it wrong and pissed off, mean while, Team Shelby cleared traffic, closed fast and came in second with Team Avalanche coming in third.

To win Bullrun, you have to have the best overall time in the final leg to the checkpoint and from the checkpoint to the final stop, however the challenge would almost if not erase the error. The challenge was to start on a flatbed, go off, turn around and park back in the same spot without hitting the barrels. Winner gets a 10 minute bonus off their overall time, second gets a 5 minute bonus and third gets nothing. Wouldn’t you know it, Team Avalanche wins, Team Shelby second and Team Corvette third, now they were somewhat even.

What a way to end Bullrun, the three remaining teams had to drive to the London Bridge Beach, Lake Havasu in a night leg I might add and best overall time wins the from the entire leg wins and simply put...where's London Bridge Beach??? And

…third place goes to Team Corvette (Hats off to Team Corvette, that was one helluva ride),

Second Place is Team Avalanche (well, the Ford F-150 finished in third last season, the pickup moves up another spot, maybe in season 3 a pickup truck will win Bullrun, but not tonight.)

And the winner is Team Shelby. I could believe it, Team Shelby wins Bullrun 2, a team that didn’t win a leg and basically stayed under the radar for the entire game won Bullrun in a 2008 Shelby GT500 Super Snake with over 700 Horsepower, did I mention that Shelby sponsored the this season, what a way to go. Good job to Team Shelby, when the chips where down, they did it and found there way first, what's next!