Friday, April 17, 2009

Bullrun 2: Episode 8 – Sad ending for Team Lexus.

Winning a driving leg one week doesn’t mean you’ll win every week, nor are you safe from elimination in the following weeks. So there seems to a trend here, first it was Team Solstice winning the first driving leg, then after leg 7 and being thrown into a mud challenge, Team Solstice bit the dust and was sent packing. Second, you had Team Lexus, who won legs 2 & 3, like I said in the beginning, winning a driving leg one week doesn’t mean you’re safe from elimination a couple of weeks later.

So here we are on leg 8 and I have to say, finally the notion has sunk into these final five teams that is not just some Sunday drive but is a competition and they are competing for the victory and $200,000. At this point with everything so tight and only five teams in, the driving legs are not all that much entertaining too begin with, however with this new feud between Team Avalanche (the new Team Evo) and Team Corvette, this leg had a few of those moments that bear repeating. Team Avalanche, guys just drive as fast as you can in each driving leg, don’t shoot your mouth off, get any speeding tickets or get lost and you should be on solid ground, wow that’s a hard plan to follow.

I though even the notion of Team Avalanche trying to flag down a Mac Truck to put a block on Team Corvette made for interesting television, but was stupid, of course they even pulled over to the side of the highway to flag down a truck, of course no dice and they got passed by Team Corvette and by the way, they don’t win the driving leg. On the flip side, I felt bad for Team Lexus, they followed the leader out of the gate Team Corvette and then ran into nothing but problems throughout the leg and came in last. Team Lexus is a team that even I was rooting for, not just because there two cute girls in a nice Lexus, but because they won a few driving legs and had a good strategy through the competition so far, fly under the radar, but in coming in last, it would be there first challenge, not bad.

Of course Team Shelby came in second to last and was automatically in the challenge too. The funny thing, Team Corvette beat Team Avalanche and won the driving leg for the third time in a row. However you would think third time would be a charm and not only putting Team Avalanche in (their 5th straight challenge by the way) but getting Team Avalanche out.

Nope, what a challenge, just like the driving legs, the challenges are precision driving. In this case, the challenge was going from one station power sliding into a bag of flower, a water bucket and then a plain of glass. I don’t know you could power slide a Chevrolet Avalanche, but he did, what driving, that was cool to watch and in the end Team Avalanche wins the challenge again, leaving Team Lexus and Team Shelby to fight it out for the final spot.

But because Team Lexus didn’t hit the flower, Team Lexus got a couple of penalties and was sadly sent packing and another winner bites the dust.

Think about what I said in the beginning, first it was Team Solstice going from winning the 1st and 4th leg to being sent packing, now its Team Lexus after winning the 2nd and 3rd leg, to be sent packing this week, so if the pattern continues, that would mean Team Avalanche would be next as they won leg 5. I should mention that Team Corvette has won three in a row, so what about Team VW? Team Shelby? Four teams remain, Team Corvette, Team Avalanche, Team Shelby and Team VW, who’s next?

(Photo Credits: Team Lexus via CarDomain)