Sunday, April 19, 2009

American Chopper: What are the top 10 best OCC bikes and what about the show now?

As an American Chopper fan since the pilot episode, a show that is now in its 6th season, I want to take this time to answer two questions, first, what are the top best OCC bikes? And second, what about the show now in its 6th season, is American Chopper's 15 minutes of fame over?

What are the top 10 best OCC bikes?
In no particular order: Jet bike, Fire Bike, POW/MIA Bike, Lincoln Mark LT Bike, Black Widow Bike, Liberty Bike, Gillette Bike, Mercedes-AMG Bike, HP Bike and Intel Chip Chopper.

Gallery - Gillette Bike and Sunoco bike:

What about the show now: Is American chopper’s 15 minutes of fame over?
Every since American Chopper first premiered with the pilot episode, the Jet bike (one of the best bikes OCC has built to date next to the Fire Bike of course), the building of Cody’s bike and Biketoberfest, I was hooked.

The first two episodes not only showcased father vs. son being either Paul Sr. the pioneer, the one who started Orange County Choppers in his basement and grow it into small business in a single garage vs. Paul Jr., the master builder and designer of the Jet Bike, Fire Bike and more or vs. Mikey, the entertainer and worker, but more so, the show showcased the building of some of the most amazing bikes and work of arts I’ve every seen.

By the way, Paul Sr. and Paul Jr. need each other, because Paul Sr. started and developed the company while Paul Jr. designed and built the bikes with the guys in the shop.

The building of the bikes and the shop life was what got my attention in the first place, it’s about how each bike or chopper went to together from the certified frame to the handmade gas tank, transmission, motor, handlebars right down to the wiring and wheels and tires combo and more.

However over the past two seasons and a change in networks, this American Chopper fan has seen a huge change in the way the show American Chopper is showcased on television, basically American Chopper has become nothing more than just another reality show showing off some celebrity’s life that isn’t unique to watch. Basically, what use to be is now all but gone.

Take the latest season installment, season 6, each episode now showcases two bikes with minimum design and building and more a little shop life, their personal life’s and really nothing to watch each week, where is excitement in the show? Where is the fun in the show? The design process and building the bike from scratch?

Well that is it for me, in my opinion, just like so many television shows, American Chopper has had their 15 minutes of fame, it’s over.