Friday, March 6, 2009

Taylor Swift makes a big impression on last night’s CSI.

As a part of the entertainment side of my life, television is something that I enjoy regularly, however Thursday night is one of those nights depending upon the time of year that normally seems to be interesting for me, what a line up on television that I set to tape on my DVR from my local cable company. Yes, it’s rare for me to watch anything live anymore with the exception of watching NASCAR racing, so taping them and watching them anywhere between 30 minutes later to the next day is normal for me. Survivor is normal to me, I rarely miss an episode of it and that goes for the hit show Burn Notice and the new season of Bullrun (Bullrun 2) that gets really nasty at times, however when it comes to CSI, that is a completely different story.

Would you believe it, last night was the first time I have ever watch CSI: Crime Scene Investigation for some reason or another, I hate the sight of blood and dead bodies, some people are scared of spiders, snakes, I am hate the sight of blood and dead bodies, so I rarely watch these types of shows from NCIS, Grey’s Anatomy (Which was on at the same time last night) and CSI (unless I am with someone who does want to watch it, you know part of a date or being with someone), so why did I watch last night’s CSI? I was curious, no not with where CSI was, nope, last night was the acting debut of one of my favorite country music artists, Taylor Swift, what a dream, well she always wanted to not only be on the CSI, but die on CSI, so in a rare move by me I watched it and almost throw up by the sight of the body up in the crawl space above the hotel room (you know what I am talking about if you watched the show).

I got to say, all of the hype that I have seen on television and read online on her acting debut was right on. Last night’s CSI had Taylor Swift playing Halie Jones, the so-called daughter of some motel owners in Las Vegas, what a way to show her off, an episode that showed Halie over the course of one year going from moving in as a sweet girl to turning before one detectives very eyes into something dark screaming my life is over become people are so nasty online, that was killed 365 days later at that same motel.

In the end, in all of the ways Halie could have been killed or died, why death by scissors, her so-called mother was chasing her with scissors to change her hair or cut it off, Halie stopped, turned and the scissors went into her, killing her when she hit the ground, what a way to go, oh brother, at least it interesting to watch, although personally I have seen this from her before in her music videos, “Teardrops on my guitar”, “Picture to burn”, “White Horse” comes to mind, a little something different in each video from tears to getting even to completely crying over a cheating boy, but great job Taylor, what will she do next?