Thursday, March 12, 2009 is four years old today (March 12, 2009).

What an achievement this is for me, my first and only blog that currently has over 630 postings, turns four years old today (March 12, 2009).

Around four years ago, I was introduced to the world of blogging though some online friends, a televisoon show called "The Screen Savers on Techtv with Leo Laporte, Kevin Rose and more" and a blogging article, blogging in my eyes is a good way to express yourself, in a since, it’s voicing your opinion, but in a soft tone and yet can still being heard or read by many. Blogging is publishing your opinion on any given subject, like for example, from my passions in life like listening to country music, writing itself or Motorsports, NASCAR and Automobiles.

Back on March 12, 2005, I started this blog called The name basically comes from first, being a huge Motorsports and Car enthusiast and second, being driven in life to succeed, with that, was born. In creating and developing, I’ve learned and developed my writing skills, working with CSS/HTML coding on blogger to develop a better design and layout, and developed relationships with several bloggers and companies which in some cases, included handling all direct advertising (ex: text links, graphics and etc.)

What’s next for I will continue blogging here on RaceDriven, the blog is getting advanced and stronger by the day and so are the topics, I an expanding to a wider range of subjects, anything from Motorsports, Automobiles, & Music to Life in general and more, except, this is the exception, being too deep into my personal life (something’s have to stay private) and of course the workplace and not too much politics (I am not expert when it comes to politics nor claim to be).

Beyond the writing subjects, I also want to combine with, first, I am currently in the process of developing Brian Vermette Online into an advanced online portfolio for my career. One of my career goals is to become a professional blogger and writer, its a sound career move for me and I do have alot to offer an employer, my blogging and writing articles specks for itself.

Second, in combining with RaceDriven, I will be keeping as my official blog, develop a better layout, design and theme for both sides and most importantly enjoy blogging and writing, plus, I use blogging and writing as therapy in my life.

To all of my readers, supporters and advertisers, thank you for four great years, here’s to more great years.