Friday, March 27, 2009

Bullrun 2: Episode 6 – Tough break for Team Dart.

I go back to what a Bullrun fan said on a blog or forum, there is not much action during the first part of the show until all of the teams arrive at the final checkpoint for the challenge, and I have to say in this case, I agree. All of the competitors are taking the exact same route and basically following each other in and no, Team Solstice is not entertaining.

However, in this episode, there were three thing I didn’t expect to see, first, Team Corvette winning this series of legs, wow, were did they come from and in those boots. You have to love it, Team Corvette finally came in with a victory in a leg and who did they put in, why Team Avalanche, no surprise there.

The second is seeing Bill Goldberg with a rocket launcher of course you have to expect explosions in challenges. What an interesting challenge, an off road course, a paintball gun, fire, Team Avalanche, Team VW and Team Dart, what a combination for any challenge. Now going to the challenge, I really wanted to see Team VW vs. Team Avalanche with Team Dart winning the challenge, boy I sure didn’t get what I wanted, instead (of course) Team Avalanche even with losing 15 psi in the right front tire, won the challenge. I have say, I wouldn’t be surprised if this Chevrolet Avalanche wins the $200,000 dollars, of course Team Lexus could be the wildcard here, there two cute girls in a white Lexus, who’s going to put them in a challenge?

Now with Team Avalanche winning their third challenge in a row, this setup a Team Dart vs. Team VW, but when you make one mistake on the course and there is only a 2 second gap between 2nd and 3rd, your going home and for Team Dart, sorry boys, you are out of here. Who would have know that a VW bus could have done that course so quickly, it’s a VW bus with low ground clearance, who know.

Now with just six teams remaining, Team Corvette, Team VW, Team Avalanche, Team Shelby, Team Solstice and Team Lexus, who’s next to be sent packing?

(Photo Credits: Team Dart via CarDomain