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Bullrun 2 on SPEED - One Helluva Ride hits the streets: Team Porsche is sent packing.

As I sit here watching the first episode of SPEED’s new series Bullrun for the second time after last week’s sneak peak which was the full first episode, I remember watching the first season of Bullrun on Spiketv back in 2007, what a distance to season 2, however if you want to caught up or your new to Bullrun, below is the recap on final three episodes of Bullrun season 1: Final four: Team Lotus goes home, Final three: Team Charger goes home, setting up Team Trans-Am, Team F-150 and Team Olds, the run to the Border, And the winner of Bullrun is: where Team Trans-Am winning, a 2002 Pontiac Trans-am WS6, driven by the father (Mike)/daughter (Morgan) team…)

So with that said, Bullrun season 2 seems to be starting out almost right where they left off almost two years ago, however while the cars are different, so is the format. In Bull season 1, the format originally was teams would race from the starting point to a check point taking either My Way (Goldberg’s way) or the Highway. Then two teams would play in a challenge with possible swapping times, winner gets the better time. From there, the teams would race from the challenge check point to the finish line with the team with the worst time being sent packing.

Problem with that format was, Team Lotus created operation poison arrow, an interesting way to eliminate a team by lagging behind (creating a huge time gap) on the first leg, automatically going into the challenge, of course they have to win the challenge, in turn giving the losers the worst time and a gap that in most cases can’t be overcome. Most cases, in this case, it was after Team Lotus couldn’t find their way, lost and was sent packing. Second issue was on the finale with Team Olds going for a brake job, winning the challenge and dumping the time on Team F-150, in turn, the race to would be down to Team Olds vs. Team Trans-am, by the way, Team Trans-am won (thank you).

However, for season 2, Bullrun now eliminates that loop hole by racing from the starting point to a check point, racing from the check point with what looks to be just passing through the check point and racing to the finish line. Three teams then would play in the challenge, the two worst times and a third team chosen by the winners (team with the best time), play the challenge which is just like last season, loser is sent packing.

What a group of people and vehicles, 12 teams, 12 completely different vehicles and the first impressions are unique. At first glance, some teams (Team VW, Team Pantera, Team Avalancho, Team Dart) look like they brought a knife to a gun fight, however on closer inspection, it seems that could be wrong, but close.

Team VW – driving a 1976 VW Bus custom, Team Dart – driving a 1970 Dodge Dart, Team Pantera – driving a 1971 Detomaso Pantera, Team Lexus – driving a 2008 Lexus IS250, Team Camaro – driving a 1969 Chevrolet Camaro, note, they build custom cars for a living and this Camaro is equipped with a rear wing, they must think their running in NASCAR.

Team Ferrari – driving a 2004 Ferrari F360 Spider, Team Avalanche – driving a Chevrolet Avalanche, note, last season, the Ford F-150 was written off in the beginning, but finished 3rd overall, don’t underestimate this truck, might surprise everyone, even its owner, does this one have two fuel tanks?

Team Solstice – driving a 2006 Pontiac Solstice, Team Evo – driving a 2008 Mitsubishi Evo, Team Shelby – driving a 2008 Shelby GT500 Super Snake, Team Corvette – driving a 2001 Chevrolet Corvette and eliminated in leg #1, Team Porsche – driving a 2002 Porsche 911 Carrera.

From Episode #1: Here are a few notes that caught my eye, first, Team Shelby, really a GT500 Super snake, that car has already broke once, thankfully depending upon the way you see it, there was Shelby plant right there in Las Vegas. Second, Team Ferrari is fast, but fights a lot, could become an issue, Team Evo looks to be on the show for money and to become famous, they show off for the cameras, now the question is, can they drive and win challenges? Team VW looks to be the 57 Chevy of last season, they take forever to study a map, however once they get going, they are quick, of course this is a Las Vegas team, how will they do in foreign land?, they could meet the same fate as the 57 Chevy…

However for Team Porsche, this would be the only leg for them as they were sent packing, eliminated because they were slow and got a speeding ticket, what a way to exit, yeah in style and in front of the camera.

What would I bring if completing on Bullrun? A 2008 Ford Mustang GT, easy to get parts for, v8 power right out of the hole, although a V6 version with a supercharger might be better for its fuel economy on the highway, but lots of power in the challenge. The same can be said for taking a 2009 Dodge Challenger R/T, 5.7-liter V-8 with good highway fuel numbers, HEMI power during a challenge and somewhat ready parts. A 2007 Subaru Impreza WRX, good power, fuel ecomony and ready parts, see where I am going with this, a Bullrun car needs to be good power balanced with good fuel economy, of course that;s only my opinion, but a 2002 Pontiac Trans-am won last season and a Ford F-150 came in third, that one had two fuel tanks, good idea. What about an Audi A4 sedan? Reliable engine, all wheel drive, fast, powerful…

Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines and let’s see who wins this one.

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