Saturday, February 28, 2009

Bullrun 2: Episode 2 – No dice for Team Pantera.

Image Credit:
Team Pantera (CarDomain site)
Time seems to be the key in Bullrun season 2, time for the teams to get up to speed, time to get from one checkpoint to the next checkpoint, best time in the challenge to stay in the game and yet more time for the fans of the show to get use to the new format and new unique cast of charactors and vehicles.

As a fan of the original Bullrun almost two years ago, I have to say that the new format is really starting to grow on me. Back in the original season, there really was little to no chance for a team that made a slight or huge mistake in the legs, getting from checkpoint to checkpoint to dig out of the hole and not be elimated, however for this new format in season 2, the format allows a team that made a slight mistake in the legs to have a second chance at survival and at the same time not pon off the bad time on another team, does “poison arrow” ring a bell from the original Bullrun, not in season 2, even if you get lost in a leg, you still have chance at survival in the challenge.

Besides the new format for this season, I’m more noticing and trying to warm up to the new unique cast of characters and vehicles, unique characters, that’s putting it loosely, so far after two episodes, there are those four teams that really stand out for one reason or another, first is Team Lexus, the all girl team that is driving and navigating through the legs well and in episode two, won the leg, which brings me to the second stand out team, yes, Team Evo, Team Lexus said that this team is a threat, no, Team Evo is not a threat, there players, they play games with the other teams, play for the cameras to become famous and have gotten most teams attention including one team saying there cheating.

Team Evo are players period, which bring me to the third team, Team VW, what is wrong with the team, they bring a knife to a gun fight, they are running their mouth on just about every team from what the producers choose to show, yes I do notice, including saying Team Evo is cheating and they also can’t navigate through there own hometown of Las Vegas. Team Evo will most likely be around for a few more episodes so long as they either win legs or don’t come in last in the challenges, don’t be surprised if another team wins the next leg and puts Team Evo in the challenge no matter what. Team VW will be the target if Team Evo is already in the challenge and could find themselves out of Bullrun.

Team Lexus is running smart and is one to watch, however one to watch is Team Ferrari, this team is entertaining to watch, she (the navigator) just seems to always yelling at the driver and the marriage chapel in Las Vegas, don’t ask, I don’t know, but you knew that one team is going home and that Team is Team Pantera hitting the road after just no dice, broken car, misdirection in the legs and just wasn’t fast enough in the challenge, good Team, no luck.

I can’t wait to see what happens with Team Lexus (and most of the other teams) vs. Team Evo, this fight should be interesting to watch, but when is the 15 minutes of fame for Team Evo going to be over?