Sunday, January 4, 2009

Remembering 2008, Taylor Swift performing in TimeSquare, celebrating New Year’s 2009 and the Rose Parade...Life is Good.

I can’t believe it, 2009 is already here, and I have a lot to celebrate from 2008, beside a good year in NASCAR and even better year in country music with listening to my two favorite artists Carrie Underwood and Taylor Swift, 2008 for me personally was a good year too, I had two moments in 2008 that simple could be described as “Take you breathe away moment”, first one was in late June, when I went to New Hampshire Motor Speedway thanks to Shell-Pennzoil and a media Hot garage/pit road hot pass to watch the race on top of Kevin Harvick’s pit box, what a great day that was from walking through the garage area and on pit road taking pictures to sitting on top of the Shell pitbox watching my second Cup Series race, unbelievable.

The second and most breathe taking moment though was watching my sister get married on Dec. 6th, there’s nothing like first seeing her (my sister Janet) walk down those steps at her friend’s house in her white wedding dress that afternoon, that simply she looked perfect in, by the way, her bridesmades looked incredible too, to sitting in the church watching my sister walk down the asle with my father giving her away and get married to the love of her life, and then at the reception dancing with her new husband on the dance floor and cutting the cake. What an incredible sight to see, my sister should be on the cover of a wedding magazine with the caption “Cinderella on her wedding day, a love story come true.”

In watching that, she showed me that not only love stories still do exact, but so do sole mates, I wish my sister Janet and her husband Tom the best, they both deserves it. You know with the 2 weddings in two years and a third next July with my cousin, the family is looking towards me and wondering when their dreams will come true and see me get married too, believe me when I say it, it’s something that I really want a too, and once I find that special someone, that I want to love (her) forever, I will get married.

When it came to celebrating the New Year’s, that is something that I look forward to every year and it all starts on New Year’s Eve with sitting in front a television, watching Dick Clark’s Rockin’ New Years Eve live from Time Square, by the way, I watch this broadcast every year and yet I live Massachusetts, go figure and this year’s broadcast was really cool, they had one of my favorite artists in country music, Taylor Swift perform in Time Square, I wonder what she will do for an encore in 2009? However more importantly, what a sight to see, a huge multi-million dollar lighted ball, drop in Time Square at midnight saying 2009, one of these days I would love to celebrate the New Year in Time Square rather than just watching it on television, give me a couple more years there.

So you might ask, what could add to such a great moment on New Year’s Eve, how about watching the Rose Parade live from California on HGTV. You might be asking… HGTV, why, no commercials that I noticed anyway, I love watching the floats that people create all year long, yes I even watch the Macy’s parade on Christmas day too, both are great sights to see, of course 8am start time in California, everything is early in California.

Well, it’s 2009 and in keeping with New Year’s, what about New Year’s 2009 Resolutions? There’s only one this year, loss weight, which in more detail is – going on a diet and exercising regularly. Now I should mention that this was my New Year’s resolution from 2008 too and so far I have the diet part under control with removing most junk and replacing it with healthier food, although I am not giving up Doritos, Cape Cod BBQ Potato Chips or meat, but I have lost a little and it’s a good start. Happy New Year and god bless America.