Sunday, January 18, 2009

Meeting Chip Foose and taking pictures at the 2009 World of Wheels in Boston.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words (The picture on the right is of me (Brian Vermette) meeting Chip Foose.) and ladies and gentleman do I have a treat for you, a view though the lens of my digital camera of the 2009 World of Wheels in Boston Massachusetts that included a “take your breath away moment” in meeting Chip Foose.

What a day, what a trip and I have to say, in life there are those celebrities that we all want to meet and personally for me, Carrie Underwood, Taylor Swift (would love to date either Taylor or Carrie too, of course I would say that, I’m 29 and single), Dale Earnhardt Jr., and Carroll Shelby would top the list, oh yeah, I’ve already meet John Force back in 1996 at Racearama, but you if you get the opportunity, you are sure going to take it and when the opportunity to go up to Boston for the 2009 World of Wheels in Boston to meet Chip Foose last weekend, you better believe we did.

Can you imagine this long day, from driving an hour and ½ up on the MassPike ($3.10 in tolls), driving through the concrete jungle around the Big Dig, paying $12 to park at the expo center in the way back, waiting 15 minutes outside in the freezing cold, paying $13 a ticket ($2 off coupons), going inside and waiting in line immediately.

Chip Foose was signing autographs from 1-4pm, 7-9pm, yeah right, we got in line at 10 minutes of 1pm, waited in line for 6 hours to meet him, he didn’t stop for the break at all (thanks Chip for signing autographs for 6 hours+), just about everyone got a picture drawn up for them and signed.

You know, waiting in line for 6 hours just for that one moment, that one “take your breath away moment” to meet Chip Foose, I have to say it was worth every penny we spend to get there, park, get tickets and wait in line for hours, wouldn’t you know it, I got a picture of me (Brian Vermette) meeting Chip Foose (by the way, thanks Chip for signing autographs for over 6 hours and counting when I got to you), a drawing of what looks to be a 33 Willy’s, signed, and he also signed my diecast I bought in line, a Chip Foose 1/64 scale diecast, I was speechless at that moment in meeting him, he even say he was sorry for the long wait, but like I said, it was worth every bit.

Is the picture Chip Foose drew up for me a 33 Willy’s or a 32 Ford? I would love to know, I am just guessing, I say it’s a 33 Willy’s because I saw a 33 Willy’s at the show and it reminded me of it.

Wouldn’t you know it, after meeting Chip Foose, we still hadn’t walked around yet, so with my digital camera in hand, here’s some of what I saw though the lens of my digital camera…

By the end of the night, almost 8pm, we were cooked, walking out in to the parking lot with smiles on our faces, of course, now too only drive home in the middle of an snow/sleet storm sliding around, what a day, what a trip. Can you imagine waiting in line for 6 hours to meet someone? Who would it be or was it?