Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Who does America want to be in The Biggest Loser 6 finale - Ed or Heba.

I've been watching the Biggest Loser not only all season long, but for years now and for the most part, its an interesting show to watch. Originally, this show has been more about weight loss than game play with some expections of course including one person gainning 17 pounds, however in the last couple of seasons, game play has taken over.

One thing I hate to hear in a reality show whether its Survivor, Big Brother, the Beauty and the Geek or The Biggest Loser just to name a few is that one contestent is safe, so they don't have to worry about anything and that is terrible to hear.

For this season, you have the blue team that has played alot of game play and everyone else in the house has just gone along with it, since day one, these three (Heba, Ed and vicky along with Vicky's husband before her blue teammate voted him out) have been together from the beginning and pretty much safe, well at least they lost weight, of course that you can't take away from them.

So it's always interesting to see contestants get shocked when a twist is revealed and this one carrys over from last season, America Votes for the final contestant to complete in the weight-in at the season finale next tuesday night and wouldn't you know it, its a husband and wife team and once again there's game play involved, Ed gains 2 pounds so his wife Heba can be in the finale, that's sad and he even tells America to vote for his wife. Personally I vote for Ed to be in the finale, let's see what he can do against Michelle and Vicky.

With that said, I want to see Michelle win it all period.

Vote at NBC.com - America's Vote. This should be interesting, the finale will have Michelle, Vicky and ??? (My vote is for Ed), who will win and be The Biggest Loser.

Update on The Biggest Loser Season Finale: Ed got 83% of America's Vote, I guess I wasn't alone after all in voting for Ed, his Heba, who didn't get in to the finale 3, won $100,000 and lost the most weight of everybody, however, wouldn't you know, Michelle won $250,000 and was the Biggest Loser, great job Michelle, she earned it and she looks good.

The next season returns in Jan with The Biggest Loser: Couples.