Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Was I correct in my predicting the final 2008 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series standings for the chase?

For the second year in a row, WindTunnel asked the question leading into the chase for the sprint cup, what will the final 2008 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series points standings be? So back in September, I put pen to paper or typed out on my word processor “My Take” and predicted just what the final 2008 Cup Series Standings would be, was I corrected or not and no when I wrong, I am not afraid to admit it.

The first column is my predictions and the second are the official top 12 chase standings:

1. Jimmie Johnson – Correct Pick: Jimmie Johnson three-peats, winning the 2008 NASCAR Sprint cup Series Championship.

2. Carl Edwards – Correct Pick.

3. Kyle Busch – Incorrect Pick, Kyle Busch’s season fell apart in the chase, finishing 10th.

4. Dale Earnhardt Jr. – Nope, Dale Jr. had a good first season with Hendrick Motorsports, but finished 12th.

5. Kevin Harvick – Incorrect Pick, Harvick rebounded with race finishes to finish 4th

6. Jeff Gordon – Incorrect Pick, no victories in 2008 and finished 7th

7. Tony Stewart – Incorrect Pick, left JGR at the end of 2008 to go to Stewart-Haas Racing, Smoke finished 9th.

8. Denny Hamlin – Correct Pick, enough said.

9. Jeff Burton – Incorrect Pick, Jeff Burton won the fall Charlotte 500 race and finished 6th.

10. Matt Kenseth – Incorrect Pick, Matt Kenseth got caught up in other drivers wrecks and mistakes and finished one spor down in 11th.

11. Greg Biffle – Incorrect Pick, came out in a big way by winning the first two chase races in New Hampshire and Dover, I completely underestimated Greg Biffle as he fought all chase long trying to caught Jimmie Johnson, Biffle finished a respectable 3rd spot.

12. Clint Bowyer – Incorrect Pick, Clint Bowyer won the 2008 NASCAR Nationwide Series Championship and finished 5th in the final chase standings, good job, good run.

Well, I got 3 out of 12 correct and in most cases I was off by one spot, of course close only counts in horse shoes, well let’s see how I do next season in 2009. Now I can’t wait until February 15, 2009 for the Daytona 500.