Wednesday, November 5, 2008

What about merging the NASCAR Nationwide Series and the NASCAR Truck Series?

Even with the good addition of Camping World coming on-board as the title sponsor in the truck series for the next seven-years beginning in 2009 replacing the longtime series sponsor Craftsman, which had been the sole title sponsor since the inception of the NASCAR Truck Series in 1995, and the fact that the truck series has some of the best races all season long, is short, action packed and to the point, there is some huge problems in keeping the series as is right now.

You have the manufacturers, Dodge is pulling back support and so is Ford, I don’t know to what how much, but its big do to the economy, not to mention that truck sales are so far down right now. Another point is smaller fields at a lot of races in 2008 and then there’s sponsors, case in point there, even the points leader #23-Johnny Benson hasn’t had sponsorship in a couple of races this season and he’s winning and on television regularly, so…

Now look at the Nationwide Series, there are having the same problems there too, from sponsorships with sponsors would rather sponsor Cup drivers than up and coming drivers, to NASCAR trying to introduce the new Nationwide Series COT car in 2010, some of these teams are not going to be able to pay for it, not to mention the schedule, it doesn’t fit the neither series either with 25 races for the Truck Series and 35 races for the Nationwide Series.

How? It would call for merging both the Nationwide Series with the Truck Series, using the Truck Series rules, tire usage and so on, since manufacturer truck sales are down, it would use a much safer Nationwide COT car, in turn it would create more sponsorship opportunities, a 43+ car field weekly (no way of knowing fully), a better, filler schedule with a completely different car/vehicle from the cup Series so the nationwide Series isn’t called the Cup Lite’s, more drivers, however it will also force some drivers, teams, and owners out of the series.

The point is, while I personally love watching the Truck Series most of the time and sometimes the Nationwide Series races on television, there does need to be change here and yes even merging both series might be a good idea, I’m just thinking more on-track competition week on and week out…hopefully, there are good changes on the horizon in NASCAR, but just remember, NASCAR has lived on for well over 50 years now and they have done well so far, I’m here watching, you’re here watch, I’m writing on it, covering it and other are too, they must be doing right, but you can always make it better in small increments.

What would you do with the Nationwide Series and Truck Series?

Carl Edwards (No. 60) and Kevin Harvick lead the field to green at the start of the NASCAR Nationwide Series O'Reilly Challenge Saturday at Texas Motor Speedway. (Photo Credit: Rusty Jarrett/Getty Images for NASCAR via NASCAR PR)

- Racedriven